Flow Chart Of Weaving Technology || Fabric Manufacturing Process

In fabric manufacturing technology, three types of fabrics are produced they are woven, knitted and non-woven fabric. We know that; weaving is done for producing woven fabric. Before weaving various types of tasks are done. After spinning process; yarns are divided into two forms one is warp yarn another is weft yarn. Warp yarns are produced by roll winding and weft yarns are produced by cop winding.

Process flow chart of weaving technology: I like to divide this process into two parts one is weavers beam preparation another is weft yarn preparation. Weaving is done by the interlacement of these two types of yarn. Process flow chart of weaving technology is given below:

Spinning bobbin for winding

Roll winding for spool production

Warp yarn preparation

Cone winding or pre-winding



Drafting in or Drawing in



Weaving (Interlacement of warp and weft yarn)

Above weaving flow chart is mostly used for cotton and jute fabric. Although these techniques vary depending on the machine which is used for producing fabric but basic concept is same.

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