Types of Cotton Yarn Produced In Spinning Mills | Uses of Cotton Yarn

Cotton Yarn Cotton yarns are the most produced yarn in the world. There are various types of cotton yarns are produced by different spinning machines. Mainly cotton yarns are divided into three types carded, combed and rotor yarn depending on the manufacturing techniques. Each has its own characteristics. These characteristics vary according to the construction … Read more

List Of Machines Used For Cotton Yarn Manufacturing Process

Cotton Yarn Manufacturing Process In the spinning process, various types of textile machinery are used for cotton yarn preparation. Cotton fibers are spanned for preparing rotor, carded, and combed yarn. However, each yarn is prepared with various techniques. The sequence of machinery used for yarn preparation is differing from one to another. Image Source: rieter.com … Read more

What Is Spinning? | Types Of Spinning Process

Spinning Spinning is the first step of textile product processing. In fact, the process of making yarns from the textile fiber stands for spinning. Accordingly, there are various types of spinning methods for producing different types of yarn. Besides, if we notice, we will see that the cotton fibers convert into carded yarn, combed yarn, … Read more

Functions and Objectives Of Simplex Machine/Roving Frame/Speed Frame

Simplex Machine A simplex machine or speed frame or roving frame is situated after the comber in the yarn manufacturing process. However, the sliver which is produced from the comber is thicker and it is not suitable to feed into the ring frame directly to produce yarn. For this reason, the drawn sliver is treated … Read more

Objectives And Contribution Of Combing Process In Ring Spinning

Combing Process The combing process is essential to remove short fiber by combing action of the comber machine which is not good for making finer yarn. In spinning technology; combing is considered an additional process. If we want to produce finer yarn then we need to pass the combing process. Hence, combed yarn is produced … Read more

What is Tensioning Device | Functions, Effects, and Requirements Of Tensioning Device

Tensioning Device Tensioning device is an important element in the textile sector. In the winding process; yarns are transferred from one package to another. Therefore, during the winding process; the tension of the yarns should be controlled, otherwise, yarn breakage will be increased for high tension or low tension will hamper the winding operation. So, … Read more

Yarn Guides || Types Of Yarn Guides Used In the Textile Industry

Yarn Guides Yarn guides are one of the helping instruments to control the yarn path. Moreover, this guide requires performing the winding or unwinding process properly. In every operation where yarns are transferred from one package to another, yarn guides are required there. Specifically, yarn guides are used during the winding, warping, beaming, and weaving … Read more

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