What is a Fluorescent Color? Characteristics, Types, Uses, Benefits and Drawbacks of Fluorescent Colors.

Fluorescence When a substance absorbs light or other electromagnetic radiation, fluorescence occurs, and the substance emits light. It has luminescent characteristics. Most of the time, the released light has a longer wavelength and a lower photon energy than the radiation that was absorbed. Contrarily, fluorescence refers to a substance’s capacity to release visible light after … Read more

Garment Washing Chemicals List and Their Functions

Garment Washing Chemicals Garment washing chemicals play a vital role in different types of garment washing processes to get desired changes according to buyer requirements. However, there are lots of garment washing plants established in Bangladesh to do these garment washing processes. In the washing plant, different types of washing chemicals are used for doing … Read more

Functions of Different Denim Washing Chemicals

Denim Washing Chemicals Denim washing plays an important role to enhance the denim outlook and strength of the denim garment. However, raw denim fabric is sewn into the denim manufacturing garment and then it sends to the denim washing plant to add different features through denim wash. It is important to ensure the quality of … Read more

Top Chemical Companies Of the World || World Chemical Trade

Chemical Chemical is the auxiliary material in wet processing. Moreover, a ratio is maintained between water and chemicals in the dyeing, washing, and printing process. In fact, the performance of wet processing depends on the accurate amount of dyes, fabric, water, and chemicals combined in the process. However, chemical manufacturers in the world chemical trade … Read more

Top Chemical Manufacturing Companies In India || Textile Chemicals

Textile Chemicals Chemicals are used in wet processing as auxiliaries of dyes and pigments. Chemicals have great effects on wet processing. Wet processing and washing are fully dependent on chemicals. The performance of wet processing depends on the quality of the chemicals. The treatment of chemicals influences wet processing. Top Chemical Manufacturing Companies in India: … Read more

Top Dyes And Pigments Manufacturers In India || Dyes Trade

Dyes And Pigments Dyes and pigments are the main elements for wet processing. Wet processing is done by the different types of dues and chemicals. Different branded dyes and pigments are used for dyeing and printing. Different countries are producing dyes and chemicals. India is the leading dyes and pigments manufacturer in the world. Indian … Read more

Properties, Advantages, And Disadvantages Of Reactive Softener

Reactive Softener Reactive softener is not so used softener as a cationic and nonionic softener. It is applicable to all fibers and gives a permanent finish to the textile materials. Properties of Reactive Softener: The following are properties of reactive softeners. They are- Reactive softener can be applying on all types of fibers. Reactive softener … Read more

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