Different Types of Trims Used in Garment Industry

Trims Trims are components added to clothing or ensembles to improve their aesthetic appeal. In essence, garment trims are all the extra components that are attached to a garment after the body has been created. They employed clothing and apparel to offer aesthetically pleasing appeal, practical convenience, or a combination of both. There are different … Read more

Fashion Merchandising: Principles, Roles and Scopes

Fashion Merchandising The textile and apparel design sectors both greatly benefit from fashion merchandising. But every company wants to increase its sales and profits, and for a fashion merchandiser, this entails organizing and marketing products to consumers at the appropriate times. The world is fascinated by fashion’s innovative designs and ever-evolving trends since it is … Read more

Understanding the Benefits and Challenges of Textile Study

Textile Study Textile study plays a vital role in our lives. However, our daily lives are profoundly impacted by the complex and diverse world of textiles, which plays a key role in a variety of sectors, such as fashion, the arts, sustainability, and historical preservation. Understanding the components, processes, and symbolic significance of textiles can … Read more

Exploring the Benefits and Challenges of Private Label Apparel Manufacturing

Private Label Apparel Manufacturing Private label apparel manufacturing is a practice that has gained significant popularity in the fashion industry. In this article, we will delve into the benefits and challenges associated with private label apparel manufacturing. By understanding these aspects, businesses can make informed decisions about whether to pursue this manufacturing option. This article … Read more

Top Fashion Clothes Brands in Bangladesh

Fashion Clothes Fashion clothes, also known as apparel or clothing. However, it is a general term for a popular style or practice in a specific area for a definite period of time, which refers to garments and accessories designed and created to reflect the latest trends, styles, and cultural influences. We know that, fashion clothing … Read more

Woven Dyeing Factory List in Bangladesh

Woven Dyeing Factory in Bangladesh Woven dyeing is the process of dyeing woven fabric for making changes to the fabric’s outlook depending on the consumer’s interest. However, it is known that the economy of Bangladesh is accelerated by the textile sector. This sector contributes to the GDP as well as employing a large portion of … Read more