Properties Of Good Warp Yarn

What is Warp Yarn?

In woven fabric manufacturing technology, two types of yarns are used they are: warp and weft yarn. But in knit fabric manufacturing one set of yarns is used. The yarn which is placed in the longitudinal direction of a woven fabric is called warp yarn. Warp yarn is used to make a weaving beam. The yarn which is used for cross interlacement through the warp beam is called weft yarn. Warp yarn count is finer than the weft yarn count.

Properties Of Good Warp Yarn
Properties Of Good Warp Yarn

Properties Of Good Warp Yarn

Warp yarn should have various qualities that ensure the quality of the fabric. The number of warp yarns that are used for making a specific fabric is fixed by the calculation of fabric construction. The following properties should have a warp yarn; they are as follows:

  • Firstly, the cross section of the warp yarn should be uniform.
  • Secondly, warp yarn should be sufficiently and uniformly strong.
  • Thirdly, this yarn type should be less hairy.
  • Warp yarn must be dust-free and clean.
  • Besides, knots in a warp yarn should be minimal.
  • Application of size materials on warp yarn should be standard, and knots must be proper; otherwise, warp yarn faces difficulties during passing into the eye.
  • Additionally, the arrangement of warp yarn in the weavers beam should be parallel.
  • Furthermore, warp yarn should be free from naps, slubs and loose fiber.
  • Lastly, the tension of warp yarn in the weavers beam should be uniform.

In sum, when we select warp yarn, we should remember the above properties of warp yarn. After making the weaver beam, it becomes ready for fabric production. It is noted that woven fabrics may be colored or in grey form. Grey fabrics are sent for dyeing if needed. Hence, the efficiency of winding, beaming, weaving, and knitting mostly depends on a good warp yarn. So, we should be careful about good warp yarn.

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