Denim Fabric Shade Checking Procedure

Denim Denim fabric is produced in different shaded for its end-user demand. Shades of denim garments are checked in different stages of production. Denim is produced from 4 oz. to 16 oz./ sq. yds in weight. Technically Denim is defined as a 3/1 warp-faced twill but is also produced from weaves like Left-hand twill, right-hand … Read more

Top 10 Denim Fabric Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Denim Fabric Manufacturers Denim is a twill weave design. However, denim fabric is made of different courser count yarn. Denim is one of the famous and universally worn cloth for men, women as well as other ages people. Different types of garments are also made from this denim fabric. As a result, the demand for … Read more

List Of Denim Factory In Bangladesh

Denim The denim fabric has emphatically great demand in the textile market. However, lots of denim fabric manufacturing companies are established in Bangladesh to fulfill the present denim demand in the world market. Different types of fashionable garments are also produced from this denim fabric. Denim fabrics are used as jeans trousers both for men … Read more

Denim Dyeing With Indigo Dyes | Slasher Dyeing Process

Indigo Dyes Indigo dyes are widely used dyestuff of all time in the denim coloration process. However, indigo dyes are the common choice of the denim manufacturer for their extremely wash fastness property. However, during the 13th century, Marco Polo saw indigo being prepared in China. Historically, this dyes was used many centuries before the Christian … Read more

Top 10 Garment Exporters Of Bangladesh

Garment Exporters Garments are the key export product of Bangladesh. However, Bangladesh is the leading garments exporter all over the world and it took the second position in the top garments exporters list. This garment sector has a glorious history in the past and in the present time, this sector also represents Bangladesh by branding … Read more

Top Listed Compliance Garments Industry in Bangladesh

Compliance In Garments Industry Compliance is a must for the garment industry because lots of people are involved in this sector. However, compliance stands for making a particular standard for working environmental safety according to the global apparel brands. Besides this Bangladesh garment factory compliance standards also cover a lot of issues such as emergency … Read more

Top Garments Factory In Bangladesh

Garments The garments sector plays an important role in the economy of Bangladesh. Although Bangladesh is a developing country but the textile and garment sector involves in the economic development of the country. Besides, the garment business is a profitable business because lots of factors are behind this factor. Bangladesh is the second garment exporter … Read more

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