Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cotton Fabric

Cotton Cotton is a natural fiber, and it has great demand all over the world. However, it is grown all over the world because it is a renewable natural resource and an important raw material in the textile industry. Cotton yield depends on the number of bolls, weight per boll, and lint percentage, and the … Read more

Differences Between a Seamstress Tailor and a Fashion Designer

Seamstress Tailor Seamstress tailors help people by creating custom clothing that is tailored to their body shape and size, using their expert knowledge of fabrics, dyes, and sewing. Fashion Designer A fashion designer creates a fashionable clothing and has a good eye for detail, a good sense of style, and knowledge of fashion history. They … Read more

Top Textile and Clothing Companies in Sri Lanka

Textile and Clothing in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a pioneer in the textile industry. However, the island country has a long history of textile production, with the earliest dating to the 5th century B.C. Over the ages, Sri Lanka has developed into a major producer of clothing and textiles, with the industry making a … Read more

List of Top Textile Companies in Pakistan

Textile Company In Pakistan’s economy, textile businesses are extremely important. However, it is not just a matter of economics; it also has a significant impact on the creation of jobs, the flow of income, and the advancement of the economy. Additionally, nearly 60% of the nation’s exports are made up of services. In short, it … Read more

Top Clothing Fashion Brands in India

Clothing Fashion Brands All social classes are concerned with modern clothing trends. Everyone enjoys staying current with the newest fashion trends in this world. People are interested in learning which apparel brand is more well-liked by all socioeconomic groups. In essence, a person’s socioeconomic status is greatly influenced by brands. Brands can occasionally turn into … Read more

What is a Fluorescent Color? Characteristics, Types, Uses, Benefits and Drawbacks of Fluorescent Colors.

Fluorescence When a substance absorbs light or other electromagnetic radiation, fluorescence occurs, and the substance emits light. It has luminescent characteristics. Most of the time, the released light has a longer wavelength and a lower photon energy than the radiation that was absorbed. Contrarily, fluorescence refers to a substance’s capacity to release visible light after … Read more

Environmental Impact of Textile and Clothing Manufacturing

Textile and Clothing Manufacturing Textiles are the second most basic human need after food. Day by day, the demand for textiles and clothing is increasing rapidly. However, in case you’re wondering, the oil industry tops the list of the world’s biggest polluters, with the textile and fashion industries coming in second. Moreover, the increase in … Read more

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