List of Top Knitwear Composite Factories In Bangladesh

Knitwear Knitwear is one the most comfortable and stylish wear for all classes of people. The manufacturing process of knitwear involves knitting, dyeing, Finishing Cutting, Sewing, and Packing in an industry. A knitwear composite company has all the units of knit garment manufacturing. At present, most garment manufacturers want to establish a knit composite factory … Read more

List of Top Knitwear Industries in Bangladesh

Knitting Knitting is a fabric manufacturing technology. When a set of connected loops from a series of yarn in a weft or warp direction are used then it is called knitting. Different circular and flat knitting machines are used for knitting. Knitting is two types. They are- List of Top Knitwear Industries in Bangladesh Bangladesh is the … Read more

Basic Differences Between Shuttle Loom And Shuttleless Loom

Loom Loom is a fabric weaving machine that is used to produce woven fabric by means of the insertion of warp and weft yarn with a mechanical device. Different technology uses for producing woven fabric. Based on the weft insertion method, weaving looms can be divided into two types. They are- Shuttle Loom Shuttle loom … Read more

Revolutionizing the Apparel and Fashion Industry with PLM Systems and Integrated Solutions

PLM Systems and Integrated Solutions In the fast-paced and competitive apparel and fashion industry, staying ahead of trends while maintaining streamlined, efficient operations is crucial for success. As a result, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems have become essential tools for any apparel brand to manage complex processes from initial product design to final delivery. By … Read more

Scouring Process of Cotton Fabric in the Textile Industry

Scouring Process The scouring process uses to remove unwanted substances from a fabric or garment. Basically, natural fiber contains different impurities such as dust, oil, wax, and minerals substances. This impurity is harmful to the textile dyeing and printing process. Thereafter, these impurities need to remove from the raw fiber or fabrics before the wet … Read more

Bale Management in Spinning Process with Objectives

Bale Management in Spinning Bale management in the spinning process plays a crucial role in textile processing. It entails various procedures, though, including bale selection, storage, handling, tracking, and disposal. In essence, controlling the supply of raw materials and handling cotton bales for the spinning process is connected to bale management in the spinning process. … Read more

Top Knit Garments Factory List in Bangladesh

Top Knit Garments Factory Top knit garments factories are those that have top manufacturing and exporting capabilities of knit garments all over the world. Knit clothing is a favorite of many different types of consumers who buy ready-made clothing. The knit textiles, however, are used to create knit clothing. The manufacturing technique used in a … Read more