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Textile Fashion Study topics

TFS is the web hub for textile education learners. We are focused on providing valuable insights and advice from real case studies on textile and fashion design. However, we are starting to promote your textile products, recent product development, case study on textile, fashion, marketing, and story of success by publishing a guest post or sponsored post.

TFS is a textile and fashion-based website and we accept the following categories or topics related to our niche:

  1. Textile Raw Material
  2. Textile Fiber
  3. Textile Manufacturing
  4. Garments Industry
  5. Fashion Industry
  6. Textile Business
  7. Education
  8. Lifestyle
  9. Textile Machinery
  10. Textile dyes and chemicals
  11. Management
  12. Technical Textile
  13. Textile Supply Chain Management
  14. Recent textile news, and
  15. As per the client’s requirements.

Guidelines for Article Submission

  1. The article must have 100% original content that never publishes anywhere else. If the article was previously published in print or online, however, you grant the right to publish the works here by submitting your articles. Moreover, you retain the copyright on your work.
  2. Content should contain a minimum of 1,500 words but posts over 2,500 words get extra excitement.
  3. All content must have data backed by research with links and citations.
  4. All claims need to be backed up with a link or specific study.
  5. Content should include at least 3 legal images with the post (Copywriter photos).
  6. Only authentic authors are allowed no pen names or ghost-posting.
  7. The Format: Please use MS Word to format the text with headings, bullets, tables, and images appropriately.
  8. Write-up/Text content
  • Focus Keyword (Max. 60 characters)
  • Title (max. 75 characters)
  • Sub-title (max. 128 chars)
  • Summary/Abstract (max. 250 chars)
  • Tags or Keywords (at least 5)
  • Content body (min. 1500 words)
  • References – title, source, link

9.  Publishing Article: If all required features are ok we will publish the article immediately otherwise we may make minor edits to your content such as spelling, grammar, and style issues. To make the article easier for readers to find in searches we may change the title slightly.

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