Types Of Shuttle-less Loom || Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shuttle-less Loom

Shuttle-less Loom

The shuttleless loom is the modern loom. Although, it uses to produce high fashionable fabrics with a high production rate prior to shuttle loom. In modern times, the use of shuttleless looms is increasing rapidly. The shuttleless loom has specific characteristics and applications method for the weaving process. Besides, the shuttleless loom has a different picking method.

Types of Shuttleless Loom:

Shuttleless loom is divided into three types. They are-

  1. Projectile loom
  2. Rapier loom
  3. Jet loom: Water jet loom and Air jet loom

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shuttleless Loom:

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of shuttle less loom. Here, I illustrate the most common advantages and disadvantages of the shuttleless loom.

Advantages of the shuttleless loom:

Advantages of shuttle less loom are given below.

  • Firstly, weaving production is high due to high speed of the machine.
  • Secondly, it reduces the labor cost due to higher allocation of loom and productivity.
  • Thirdly, it facilities defect free cloth during weaving.
  • Then, shuttle less loom creates less noise.
  • Also, pirn winding process is eliminated in shuttle less loom.
  • After that, it keeps better fabric value.
  • In contrast, it needs low consumption of stores and spares.
  • On the other hand, it is easy to market trades.
  • Moreover, its flanges are bigger and can accommodate 3 times and lesser wastage.
  • In fact, accident percentage is low.
  • Besides, easy maintenance and less work load for workers.
  • Used for high scale production.
  • Lat not least, efficiency of shuttle less loom machine is higher than shuttle loom.
Disadvantages of the shuttleless loom:

Disadvantages of the shuttleless loom are given below:

  • The price of shuttle less loom is higher than shuttle loom.
  • Also, experienced weavers are required for operating this shuttle less loom.

So, there are lots of advantages of the shuttleless loom than disadvantages. Modern fabric manufacturers are using shuttleless loom machines on their production floor.

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