What Is Sizing | Purpose Of Textile Sizing | Properties Of Sized Yarn


Sizing is a protective process. Identically, the process of applying a protective adhesive coating upon the surface of the yarn is called sizing. Sizing is also the heart of weaving. This is the most important operation to attain maximum weaving efficiency, especially for blended and filament yarns.

Sizing is the most important term for weaving technology. After winding and warping, sizing of yarn is done during beam preparation. Furthermore, sizing is done by applying various types of size materials to the yarn. During the application of size materials steam is needed.

Purpose of Sizing:

Sizing is done during beam preparation for getting some advantage of the weaving process. Moreover, sizing has lots of objectives. The following are the purpose of the sizing process. They are-

  • Firstly, sizing improves the weave ability of warp yarn by making it more resistance to action of weaving like absorption, friction, tension etc.
  • Secondly, to maintaining good fabric quality by reducing hairiness, weakness and by increasing smoothness and absorbency of yarn.
  • Thirdly, tensile or breaking strength of cellulosic yarn increase by sizing.
  • After that, elasticity of the yarn also increase.
  • Then, yarn weight increase for adding size materials.
  • Moreover, size material uses to increase the frictional resistance.
  • Projected fibers also remove by this process.
  • Lastly, sizing applies to reduce electrostatic formation.

Properties of Sized Yarn:

Generally, size ingredients use for warp yarn but sometimes it applies to weft yarn. Anyhow, the following properties are obtained by applying size ingredients to the yarn. The following are the properties of sized yarns. They are-

  • Higher elasticity
  • Higher yarn strength
  • Lower flexibility
  • Lower extension or elongation
  • Frictional resistance is low
  • Increased smoothness
  • Less weakness
  • Insensible to over drying
  • Less hairiness

In sum, the sizing process plays an important role in the weaving process because better-sized yarn can give proper weaving efficiency. The production efficiency also depends on the sizing process. As a result, the manufacturer should use accurate size ingredients for getting balance size solutions.

So, size ingredients change the physical properties of cellulosic fibers which are used for making a weaver beam.

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