Important Denim Fabric Shade Checking Procedure

Denim Fabric Shade Checking The denim fabric shade-checking procedure is important to ensure the shade of the denim fabric in each stage of production. Denim fabric is produced in different shades for its end-user demand. Shades of denim garments are checked in different stages of production. Denim is produced from 4 oz. to 16 oz./ … Read more

Different Quality Control Test In Jute Mills

Jute Quality Test Jute quality is a must for getting a good price for the finished goods undoubtedly. So, it is important to ensure the quality of the finished goods. Earlier, this quality should be ensured from the beginning of production. Therefore, the quality tests should be started from the jute section to the finishing … Read more

List of Tools And Equipment For Quality Control Department

Quality Control Department The quality control department of a production unit is responsible to take different types of tests during production. A different test is carried out by the Q.C officer in the production unit. Also, the different test is done by a different tester. By taking the test, one can be assured of the … Read more

Types Of On Line Quality Control System

Quality Control System On-line quality control is a system that is performed during manufacturing. During this checking, if any faults are found in materials, one should take the necessary steps to reduce the fault or to stop the process and take the necessary steps to recover it. Types of Quality Control System There are two … Read more

Types and Application Of Fabric Weight Test Method

Fabric Weight Measurement There are various types of fabric is available in the market such as woven, knitted, or non-woven fabric. Fabrics are differing from one to another depending on the manufacturing techniques. Fabrics are also different depending on the fabric design. Therefore, some fabrics are heavy and some are lighter in weight. So, it … Read more

Types Of Textile Testing And Quality Control Lab For Quality Assurance

Textile Testing And Quality Control Lab Textile Testing and Quality Control (TTQC) lab is markedly responsible to ensure the quality of the products. Nevertheless, in response to textile product evaluation TTQC, the lab plays an important role. However, man wants to get qualitative products from the producer nowadays. For this reason, it is the duty … Read more