Flow Chart Of Softener Spots Removing Process From The Dedicate Fabric

Softener Spots Removal of softener spot from the Fabric is a washing process, which is done in the dyeing bath. A softener spot is a dyeing fault which is occurred during the application of softener to the fabric in a dyeing bath or de-watering machine. When this type of fault is found in a dyed … Read more

Process Flow Chart Of Stripping In Dyeing | Cotton Knit Fabric Re-Process

Stripping In Dyeing Knit Dyeing is a critical procedure and it is required to match the shade of the dyed fabric with the buyer’s approved swatch. Sometimes, it is found that the dyed fabric shade does not match with the approved swatch then this fabric is required to be re-dyeing. This re-dyeing process is called … Read more

Process Sequence Of Topping For Cotton Fabric Dyeing

Topping For Cotton Fabric Topping is defined as the addition of color to the fabric after completing one dyeing process. Sometimes it is found that the dyed fabrics do not match with the standard or buyer-approved swatch then it needs to be re-dyeing, this process is called topping. The tipping sequence is near similar to … Read more

Scouring And Bleaching Process Of Grey Melange Fabric

Pre-treatment Pre-treatment is done for grey melange fabric. However, the bleaching and scouring process of grey melange is done during the pre-treatment. I have written about the scouring and bleaching process of grey melange yarn in one of my blog posts. Whitening Recipe For Grey Melange: Here, I have given a scouring and bleaching process … Read more

Process Flow Chart Of Viscose Fabric Dyeing

Viscose Fabric In dyeing floors, different types of natural, regenerated, synthetic, blended fabrics are dyed. All of the fibers dyeing procedures are not the same. For this reason, a textile engineer should have vast knowledge about the different fibers dyeing process. Process Flow Chart Of Viscose Fabric Dyeing The following is the flow chart of … Read more

Polyester Fabric Dyeing With Disperse Dyes

Polyester Fabric Dyeing Polyester fabric dyeing is done by the disperse dyes. When disperse dyes are water-insoluble, for this reason, dispersing agent is used to make them soluble in the water. Moreover, disperse dye is an organic coloring substance that is free from ionizing groups, it has low water solubility properties and is suitable for … Read more