brocade fabric

Brocade Fabric: Properties, Types, Applications, and Benefits

What is Brocade Fabric? Brocade fabric is respected as a sort of luxuriously fancy fabric with raised themes that are, as often as possible, perplexing…

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Cotton Fabric Types, Uses And Names

Cotton Fabric Cotton fabrics, manufactured from Gossypium cotton fibers, are among the most popular types of textiles. Although cotton is one of the most popular…

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Best Silk Weave Fabric

Silk Weave A natural protein fiber is silk. Since its creation in ancient China, this silk has gained immense appeal for its magnificent shine, silky…

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List of Top Knitwear Composite Factories In Bangladesh

What is knitwear? Knitwear is one of the most comfortable and stylish for all people. The manufacturing process of knitwear involves knitting, dyeing, finishing, cutting,…

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List of Top Knitwear Industries in Bangladesh

What is knitting? Knitting is a fabric manufacturing technology. When a set of connected loops from a series of yarn in a weft or warp…

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Basic Differences Between Shuttle Loom And Shuttleless Loom

What is a loom? Loom is a fabric weaving machine that is used to produce woven fabric by means of the insertion of warp and…

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