Cotton Fabric Types and Their Uses

Cotton Fabric Cotton fabrics, manufactured from Gossypium cotton fibers, are among the most popular types of textiles. Although cotton is one of the most popular and adaptable natural fibers in the world, several types of fabric are made from it. Essentially, cotton fibers are taken from cotton bolls, treated, and spun into yarn or thread … Read more

Best Silk Weave Fabric

Silk Weave A natural protein fiber is silk. Since its creation in ancient China, this silk has gained immense appeal for its magnificent shine, silky texture, and adaptability all over the world. But when you consider elegance, luxury, and eternal beauty, silk weave has long been linked to these concepts. In this essay, we’ll delve … Read more

List of Top Textile Companies in Pakistan

Textile Company In Pakistan’s economy, textile businesses are extremely important. However, it is not just a matter of economics; textile companies in Pakistan also have a significant impact on the creation of jobs, the flow of income, and the advancement of the economy. Additionally, nearly 60% of the nation’s exports are made up of services. … Read more

Loom Motions || Classification Of Loom Motions

Loom Motions Loom motions are essential for fabric production. When different loom motions of a loom machine provide different facilities for weaving. Therefore, the weaving process stands for interlacing warp and weft yarn. In order to make a normal or fancy-designed fabric, indeed it is essential to weave. In fact, different types of looms facilities … Read more

Basic Weave Structures For Fabric Manufacturing

Weave Structures Weave structures are the design by which fabric is produced. The yarns are used in various ways to produce different weave effects. Different simple and complex fabric design is produced by the weave structures. The loom is set according to the fabric structure. Specific loom is used for producing special types of design. … Read more

Types Of Sizing Application Methods | Technical Changes Due To Sizing

Sizing Sizing is called the heart of weaving. Therefore, it is the process by which a protective adhesive coating is applied on a yarn surface. It increases the efficiency of the weaving process. Types of Sizing: The following is the sizing process. They are- Pure Sizing: Application of size ingredients up to 10%. Light Sizing: … Read more