Working Procedure Of Rapier Loom With Advantages

Rapier Loom

In weaving, different types of looms are used to produce fabric from the weaver’s beam. The rapier loom is a popular shuttleless loom for producing different types of designed fabric. In most of the denim industry, rapier looms are used heavily. The rapier loom carries the filling yarn through the shade of warp yarns to the other side of the loom by finger-like carriers called rapier. A stationary package of yarn is used to supply the weft yarn in the rapier loom.

Features of Rapier Loom

The following are some key features of the rapier loom:

  • Firstly, production costs are higher for a rapier loom.
  • Secondly, this loom machine consumes moderate power.
  • Thirdly, the rapier machine is suitable for weft patterning.
  • However, fancy fabric is produced by using a rapier loom in the weaving sector.
  • Standard rapier width stands at 190 cm in the case of rapier looms.
  • Finally, the rapier loom has a simple weaving woking mechanism.

Working Procedure Of Rapier Loom

There are two types of rapier looms. One type of rapier loom consists of a rapier on one end. A rapier is a rod or steel tape that carries the weft yarn. On the other end, the rapier is connected to the control system. The rapier moves through the warp yarn by carrying weft yarn from one end to the other. The rapier is then retracted, leaving the new filling in place.

Other types of rapiers are also available, in which the rapier carries the weft yarn to the center and the other rapier from the opposite side carries the weft yarn to the center. There are two types of rapier looms. One is flexible, and the other is the rigid rapier loom. The rigid loom takes up more space than the flexible loom. A flexible rope can be coiled; if it is too flexible, it will buckle. The double rapier is used more frequently than the single rapier. Rapier machines can be operated at speeds up to 1300 meters of weft per minute. This type of rapier is efficient. The noise level is high because it speeds up to about 200 to 260 ppm.

Advantages of a Rapier Loom

  • The Rapier loom is a shuttle-less power loom.
  • It weaves more rapidly than other types of shuttle loom.
  • On the other hand, the weaving efficiency of a rapier loom is less than that of a projectile machine.
  • An important advantage of a rapier loom is that it can be flexible, which means it’s the laying of picks of different colors.
  • It is noticeable that it can weave fabric up to 110 inches in width without any modifications.

Disadvantages of Rapier Loom

The following are the disadvantages of the rapier loom:

  • In the first place, the noise level of a rapier loom is higher than that of a jet loom machine.
  • In second place, the production speed of a rapier is less than that of a jet loom.

I think that all of the above information will be helpful for manufacturers as well as learners.

In sum, the above is all about the working procedure of the loom and the advantages and disadvantages of the rapier loom.

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