Classification Of Twill Weave || Derivatives Of Twill Weave

Twill weave is the second fundamental weave structure after plain weave. The main characteristics of twill weave is that; it produces diagonal lines on the fabric. It repeats on three or more picks.

Classification of Twill Weave: Twill weave can be classified as the following way.

  • According to the direction of the twill lines on the face of the fabric.
  1. Z Twill
  2. S Twill
  • According to the nature of twill weave.
  1. Single Warp or Single Weft Twill
  2. Expanded Twill
  3. Multiple Twill
  • According to the face yarn.
  1. Warp Faced
  2. Weft faced
  3. Double faced

Derivatives of Twill Weave: Derivatives of twill weave are given below.

  • Zigzag Twill
  1. Horizontal Zigzag Twill
  2. Vertical Zigzag Twill
  • Herring Bone Twill
  1. Horizontal Herring Bone Twill
  2. Vertical Herring Bone Twill
  • Diamond Design
  • Diaper Design
  • Broken Twill
  • Stepped Twill
  • Rearranged Twill
  • Elongated Twill
  • Shaded Twill
  • Combined Twill

It is very interesting to draw a design on the design paper. When you will learn to draw a design, you will enjoy it.

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