List Of Textile And Apparel Industries USA

USA Textile And Apparel Industries

The United States of America (USA) is the largest market for textile and apparel products. In fact, they produce a huge amount of raw materials and final products to fulfill domestic demand. Then they export their textile products all over the world. Also, they import textile products from other countries. However, I have listed a lot of textile and apparel industry names, which will help you reach the desired textile industry in the USA.

List Of Textile And Apparel Industries USA

Image source: Absecon Mills

List Of Textile And Apparel Industries USA

There are lots of textile and apparel mills in USA. The following is a list of textile and apparel companies in USA. They are-

  • Absecon Mills, Inc.
  • Absolutely Terry Co.
  • AGX Corporation
  • Alamac American Knits
  • American Drawtech
  • Alandale Knitting /Coville
  • Amerbelle Textiles
  • American & Efird, Inc.
  • American Bag Corp.
  • Alice Manufacturing
  • American Fiber and Finishing
  • American Fibers and Yarns Company
  • Ames Textiles
  • American Silk Mills Corporation
  • Amilon
  • Anglo Fabrics
  • Apex Mills
  • Arca Knitting Mills
  • Ashfar Enterprises
  • Ashley Trading
  • Asheboro Elastic
  • Atlantic Thread
  • Avondale Mills
  • Bacon Felt
  • Bates of Maine
  • Bayeux Fabrics
  • BBA Fiberweb
  • Beaulieu of America
  • Beverly Knits
  • BGF Industries, Inc.
  • Biddeford Textile Corp.
  • Bill Mill
  • Blair Mills
  • Bloomsburg Mills
  • Blumenthal Print Words/Blumenthal Mills
  • BP Fabrics and Fibers
  • Bradford Dyeing Association Inc
  • Brawer Brothers, Inc.
  • Hyman Brickle & Son, Inc.
  • Brintons Usaxminster
  • Britannia Mills
  • Brooks Woolen Company, Inc.
  • Brookwood Laminating Inc.
  • Bryant Yarns
  • Buckley & Mann Inc.
  • Buhler Quality Yarns
  • Burke Mills, Inc.
  • Burlington Industries, Inc.
  • Burlington Worldwide
  • C & C Yarns
  • C & L Textiles Corp.
  • Cameo Curtains
  • Canatex Industries
  • Carleton Woolen Mills
  • Carlisle Finishing
  • Carolina Apparel Group
  • Carolina Mills
  • Cascade Woolen Mill
  • Cavalier Specialty Yarn Company
  • Cellusuede Products Inc.
  • Central Textiles
  • Champagne Dye Works
  • Charbert
  • Cheraw Yarn Mills Merged with Frontier Spinning Mill
  • Chloe Eichelberger Textiles, Inc.
  • Claremont Flock Corporation
  • Claridge Knits, Inc.
  • Clarke-Cutler-McDermott
  • Classic Elite Yarns
  • Cleveland Mills Co.
  • Clyen and Tinker
  • CMI Industries, Inc.
  • Coats North America
  • Collins & Aikman Corporation
  • Concord Fabrics, Inc.
  • Concordia Manufacturing LLC
  • Cone Denim
  • Contempora Fabrics
  • Cookshiretex
  • Alandale Knitting / Coville
  • Craftex Mills, Inc. of Pennsylvania
  • Cranston Print Works Co.
  • Crescent Woolen Mills
  • Crimptex of R.I., Inc.
  • Crown Worsted Mills, Inc.
  • Crown Yarn Dye
  • Crystal Springs Print Works, Inc.
  • Culp Inc.
  • Dan River
  • David Rothschild Company, Inc.
  • De Marco California Fabrics, Inc.
  • Del-Mar Yarns, Inc.
  • Delta Woodside
  • Desmon Mills
  • Dicey Mills, Inc.
  • Dillon Yarn Corp./Titan Textiles Inc.
  • Domestic Fabrics
  • Donaldson Company, Inc.
  • Dorr Woolen Company
  • Draper Knitting Co.
  • Duro Textiles LLC
  • Dyecraftsmen
  • Dyersburg Fabrics, Inc.
  • Eastern Felt Company
  • Easthampton Dye Works
  • Eastland Woolen Mill
  • Elastic Corporation of America
  • Elastic Fabrics of America
  • Elizabeth City Cotton Mill
  • Engineered Nonwovens
  • Engineered Yarns Company
  • Essex Fabrics
  • Ethan Allen
  • Fab Industries
  • Fablok Mills, Inc.
  • Fabrictex
  • Faribault Mills
  • Fashionspun Sales & Dvlpmt., Inc.
  • Fayette Cotton Mill
  • The Felters Company
  • Fernbrook & Co.
  • Fiber & Yarn Products, Inc.
  • Fifield Inc.
  • Fillattice Inc.
  • Flynt Fabric
  • Flint River Textiles
  • Flock Tex, Inc.
  • The Forstmann Company
  • Forte Cashmere Company, Inc.
  • Four Leaf Textiles, LLC
  • Freudenberg Nonwovens
  • Frontier Spinning
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Gates Formed Fibre Products,Inc.
  • Ge-Ray Fabrics
  • Gehring Textiles Inc.
  • Georgia Narrow Fabrics
  • Glenoit Fabrics
  • Glen Raven, Inc.
  • Globe Dye Works Co.
  • Globe Manufacturing Co.
  • W.L. Gore
  • H. Greenblatt & Co.
  • Greenwood Mills
  • Greif Co.
  • Guilford Mills Inc.
  • Guilford of Maine
  • Hampton Print Works
  • Hamrick Industries
  • Hanes Dye and Finishing Co.
  • Hanora Spinning, Inc.
  • Harodite Industries, Inc.
  • Harriet & Henderson Yarns, Inc.
  • Hexel Schwebel
  • Highland Industries, Inc.
  • Homestead Industries
  • Hornwood and Lee Fashion Textile Partners LLC
  • Charles W. House & Sons
  • Hub Fabric Leather
  • Hyman Brickle & Son, Inc.
  • Hyosung (America) Inc.
  • Inman Mills
  • Interface Interior Fabrics
  • Intermark Fabric Corporation
  • International Woolen Company
  • International Woolen Company, Inc.
  • Intex Corp.
  • ITG
  • Jacquard Fabrics Incorporated
  • Jagger Brothers
  • Jabok Mueller
  • JB Martin Company
  • Joan Fabric
  • Jonathan Reid, Inc.
  • Kenda Knits
  • Kent Manufacturing Co.
  • Kenyon Industies
  • Kraemer Textiles
  • Lee Dyeing Co.
  • Leigh Fibers
  • Levcor International
  • Liberty Fabrics
  • LINQ Industrial Fabrics
  • Lion Ribbon
  • JB Martin Company
  • McComb Mill
  • McMichael Mills
  • Macedonia Fashions Knitting
  • Malden Mills Industries Renamed Polartec
  • Marcrest Knitting
  • Markbilt, Inc.
  • Marglen Industries
  • Master Knits
  • Menra Mills
  • Menzies Flock Shop
  • Merida Meridian Inc.
  • Meritas Yarns
  • Microfibres, Inc.
  • Miami Thread
  • Milliken and Company
  • The Moore Company
  • Mt. Jefferson Woolens
  • Mount Vernon Mills
  • Narrow Fabric Industries Corporation
  • Narrow Fabrics of America
  • Narrowflex
  • National Spinning Co.
  • National Textiles
  • Native Fabrics
  • New Rainbow Mills.
  • Nortex Yarns
  • Novelty Textile Mills
  • Nylstar North America
  • O’Mara Incorporated
  • Ocean State Finishing
  • L. W. Packard and Company, Inc.
  • Parkdale Mills
  • Paxar
  • Pendleton Woolen Mills
  • Pharr Yarns
  • Phil Knit
  • Picture Knits, Inc.
  • Pillowtex
  • Pittsfield Woolen Yarn
  • Polartec Formerly Malden Mills Industries
  • Precision Fabrics
  • Providence Yarn Co.
  • Quaker Fabric Corporation
  • R.L. Stowe
  • Radici Spandex
  • Ramseur Interlock
  • Ramtex
  • Raxon Fabrics
  • Regal Manufacturing Co.
  • Rennie Curtain Co.
  • Richloom
  • Rhode Island Textile Company
  • RST&B Quilting & Bedding Co. Inc.
  • Riverpoint Lace
  • Robinson Manufacturing
  • Rochambeau
  • Roman Knit, Inc.
  • Roselon Industries, Inc.
  • S. & D. Spinning Mill, Inc.
  • Safer Textile Processing.
  • Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp.
  • Santee Print Works
  • Sextet Fabrics, Inc.
  • Schneider Mills Industries
  • Shaw Industries
  • Shuford Mills LLC
  • Somerset Industries
  • South Carolina Elastic Co.
  • Southern Mills, Inc. / TenCate
  • Southern Webbing Mills
  • Spectro Coating Corp.
  • Spinrite Yarns & Dyers Ltd.
  • Springfield, LLC
  • Springs Global
  • Stanley Woolen Company
  • Stantex, Inc.
  • Star Specialty Knitting
  • Stillwater, Inc.
  • R.L. Stowe
  • Stretchlon
  • Sullivan Carson
  • Summit Knitting Mills, Inc.
  • Sunbury Textile Mills
  • Sure Fit
  • Swift Galey
  • Symphony Fabrics
  • Southern Mills, Inc. / TenCate
  • Tennford Weaving
  • TerroTech Knitting Mills
  • Tex-Tech Industries
  • Tex-Tenn Corp.
  • Texollini
  • Titan Textiles Inc.
  • Thomas Taylor & Sons, Inc.
  • Toltec see Interface Interior Fabrics
  • Tricots Liesse
  • Trio Manufacturing
  • Tweave, Inc.
  • Troy Mills
  • Tuscarora Yarns Inc
  • Unifi
  • Union Wadding
  • United Yarn Products Co., Inc.
  • U.S. Cotton
  • Valdese Weavers
  • Velcorex Inc.
  • Veratex, Inc.
  • Victor Group
  • Wagner Knitting, Inc.
  • Warren Corporation
  • Warwick Mills
  • Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills, LTD
  • Weave Corporation
  • Weavexx
  • Wellman, Inc.
  • Wellstone Mills
  • Westbrook Spinning Company
  • WestPoint Home Inc.
  • Westwood Inc.
  • Whitin Yarns
  • Woodhall Weaving Mills, Inc.
  • Woolrich, Inc.
  • The Worcester Company
  • Worldtex, Inc.
  • Zenith Dyeing and Finishing Corp.

So, that’s all about the textile and apparel factories in the USA.

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    Hi am seth in Ghana I have a lot of experience in stitching and wish to learn more in your company s hope to hear from u soon

  • Sir,

    I am a mandate to a Finance and Investment Company who is a premier provider of trade finance and project finance instruments as well as discountable bank instruments. We offer Genuine Bank Guarantees, Standby Letter of Credit, Pre Advice / RWA Messages, Documentary Letters of Credit, Bank Draft, Proof of Funds, Performance Bond, Medium Term Notes, and various SWIFT messaging services on lease and sale. We issue these instruments from prime banks, secondary banks, and financial institutions; and transmit SWIFT MT 760, MT 799, MT199, MT999 and other messages on behalf of our clients.

    We offer certifiable and verifiable bank instruments via Swift Transmission from a genuine provider capable of taking up time bound transactions. Kindly contact for genuine inquiries and I can provide you with the needed information.

    Skype: jursten.consults

    Jurjen Stenekes


  • Rick Anderson

    How are you?,
    I hope you are doing fine. I am checking in to see if you are looking for marketing and data partners/supplier. We are providing B2B and B2C lists with email addresses and other information worldwide. We have 40 million B2B and 250 million B2C records across the world with their email addresses and other details.

    The list can be used for multi-channel marketing purposes like telemarketing, fax marketing, direct marketing and email marketing. We can be your partners and would be happy to work with you as your back end partners.

    We also expertise in:
    • Email appending, Data appending, contact appending, data cleansing.
    • Telemarketing, appointment setting and lead generation.

    Please let me know if you need more information and we can discuss further steps.

    Rick Anderson,
    AD Group

    • Inayat Ansari

      hi i want consulting my company we want textile buyers if u have any update like this so please contact us

    • Binay Kumar Chowdhury

      We are manufacturing HDPE Card Can for spinning mills since 5 decade and 60% we are exporting. Our Brand is Spincan. Looking after commission basis Agent for marketing in America.

    • HELLO ,
      HOW ARE YOU ,



      fashion star representative

  • alireza

    i grauated in textile engineering.
    I’m looking for training in USA textile companies.please help me.

  • Gani Adebanjo Awosakin

    We are exporters of cotton fibres from Benin Republic, West Africa. Presently, we stock the following materials:

    (1) 500 metric tons of bella 1.1/8. Price: $1,850 per ton FOB;

    (2) 500 metric tons of zana 1.1/8. Price: $1,850 per ton FOB;

    (3) 1,000 metric tons of batill 1.1/8. Price: $1,800 per ton FOB. Samples can be sent on request. The goods are in the warehouse in Cotonou, Benin Republic, West Africa.

  • Yakubu Sandow

    I am Yakubu Sandow and it will be an honor working in one of your textile industries.It always my dream to work there to produce newer artifacts and other designs.hope to hear from you.
    email:[email protected]

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