Fundamental Factors Of Woven Cloth Structure

Woven cloth structure is varied on various fundamental factors. Here, I have mentioned some fundamental factors which greatly effects on the structure of the woven fabric. They are as follows:

  1. Yarn Types: The appearance of the woven fabric is greatly depends on the yarn types which are used for producing that’s cloth. We know, yarns are natural and synthetic this two types. A fabric could be weaved by single types of yarn or by the combination of these two types of yarn. This is the producer’s choice. A producers always looks on the demand of the market and he tries to fulfill that’s demand by manufacture of that’s products. So, same structured cloths appearance could be vary on the yarn types.
  2. Count Of Yarn: Count of yarn shows the fineness of the yarn. The count of yarn has a great impact on the fabric structure. Before production, the count of the yarns is determined by the designer. The woven cloth structure varies on the count or relative thickness of the yarn used as warp or weft. Generally, warp count is less than weft count. So, selection of warp and weft count effects on the woven fabric structure.
  3. Number Of Ends and Picks: The woven cloth structure is varied on the relative setting or the numbers of ends and picks, which are placed side by side in a given width and the length of cloth. It is determined that EPI and PPI effect on the weight of the fabric as well as comfortness also effects by the number of ends and picks.
  4. Interlacing System: The variation of woven fabric structure also depends on the order of interlacement of ends and picks. We know that, plain, twill or satin design is not same and the interlacement depends on the design of the fabric.
  5. Finishing: The appearance of the woven fabric greatly depends on the finishing operation. Various types of finishing effects are done on the woven fabric. By finishing modifications are done on the fabric. Some fabrics become smooth, some are hard in feel, some are water proof, some are fire proof, some are light in weight or heavy and many more effect is done by finishing. Various types of finishing machineries are used for doing this job.

So, there are lots of fundamental factors behind the variation of woven fabric structure.

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