Classification, And Derivatives Of Twill Weave

Twill Weave

Twill weave is the second fundamental weave structure after plain weave. The main characteristic of twill weave is that; it produces diagonal lines on the fabric. It repeats on three or more picks.

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Types, And Derivatives Of Twill Weave

Classification of Twill Weave:

Twill weave can be classified in the following way.

According to the direction of the twill lines on the face of the fabric.

  1. Z Twill
  2. S Twill

According to the nature of twill weave.

  1. Single Warp or Single Weft Twill
  2. Expanded Twill
  3. Multiple Twill

According to the face yarn.

  1. Warp Faced
  2. Weft faced
  3. Double-faced

Derivatives of Twill Weave:

Derivatives of twill weave are given below.

1. Zigzag Twill

  • Horizontal Zigzag Twill
  • Vertical Zigzag Twill

2. Herring Bone Twill

  • Horizontal Herring Bone Twill
  • Vertical Herring Bone Twill

3. Diamond Design

4. Diaper Design

5. Broken Twill

6. Stepped Twill

7. Rearranged Twill

8. Elongated Twill

9. Shaded Twill

10. Combined Twill

It is very interesting to draw a twill design on the design paper. When you will learn to draw a design, you will enjoy it.

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