Features, Types, And Uses Of Herringbone Weave

Herringbone Weave

Herringbone design is one of the derivatives of twill weave. Hence, herringbone is a broken twill weave. It is basically a V-shaped pattern. However, this weave pattern is arranged into columns, with the lines in each column facing in opposite directions.

Features Of Herringbone Weave

The following are characteristics of herringbone weave:

  • Firstly, this weave shows an appearance of Herring Bone.
  • Secondly, it has similarities with the zigzag twill up to half of the repeat, but while changing the direction, the interlacement becomes quite opposite to that of the zigzag twill.
  • After that, a Straight draft is used to produce a herringbone design.
  • Lastly, herringbone design is used for producing suiting, overcoating, and ornamented fabrics.
Herringbone Weave

Types of Herringbone Weave

Herringbone designs are of two types. They are as

  1. Horizontal herringbone
  2. Vertical herringbone

Uses of Herringbone Weave

Herringbone weave is one of the popular weave designs for producing clothing. Presently, different high fashion suits, jackets, and dresses are made with this weave. The following are the some of its main uses include:

  • Suits
  • Sportcoats
  • Tuxedos
  • Sweatshirts
  • Ornamented fabrics

So, from the above two designs, compare these two weave structure.

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