Types Of Fabric Cutting Machines Used In Garment Industry

Fabric Cutting Machines

Garment cutting is an important task in apparel manufacturing. After laying the marker on the spread fabric, the cutting operation is done. Various types of instruments are used for garment cutting. The performance of cutting depends on the sharpness of cutting types of equipment.

Types Of Fabric Cutting Machines:

The following are the types of fabric cutting machines used in apparel manufacturing. They are-

  1. Scissors
  2. Straight Knife Cutting Machine
  3. Band Knife Cutting Machine
  4. Round Knife Cutting Machine
  5. Die Knife Cutting Machine
  6. Drill and Notcher
  7. Computerized Knife Cutting Machine
  8. Computerized Laser Cutting Machine
  9. Computerized Water-Jet Cutting Machine

So, when you will buy a cutting instrument for apparel manufacturing, you should be aware of the properties of that’s an instrument.

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