Industrial Sewing Machines Types and Applications

Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are used in apparel manufacturing for joining the fabric parts that are supplied from the cutting section. Various types of stitching are done in the sewing section with the help of a needle. Also, various accessories are sewn by this machine.

Sewing Machines

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Industrial Sewing Machines Types and Applications

I would like to give a list of sewing machines that are used in apparel manufacturing and their application areas. The following is a list of sewing machines along with their functions in apparel sewing. They are-

  1. Lock stitch/Plain/Regular sewing machine: This type of machine is used for all types of garments.
  2. Two-needle lock stitch machine: This type of machine is used for decorative purposes. It is used especially for sewing woven fabric.
  3. Chain stitch machine: It is used to sew both knit and woven fabric.
  4. Double chain stitch machine: It is also used for both knit and woven fabric sewing.
  5. Overlock machine: It is used for knit and woven fabric sewing. In a shirt, overlock is used in the side seam, arm hole, and sleeve.
  6. Safety stitch over lock machine: It is used for safety sewing in the side seam, arm hole, and sleeve of a shirt. Knit and woven fabric can both be sewn by this machine.
  7. Flat lock machine: A flat lock machine is used for covering chain stitches. A flat lock is a must for producing knit wear. The bottom hole is produced by this machine.
  8. Feed off the arm or flat seamer with cylinder bed: It is used specially for the sleeve inseam joining and inside seam joining of the pant.
  9. Button hole machine: this machine is used to make holes in apparel.
  10. Button sewing machine: this machine is used to sew the button to the apparel.
  11. Bar tack machine: The bar tack machine is mainly used in pants for belt loop joining, pocket corners, and zipper fly.
  12. Blind stitch sweing machine: This machine is used for special purposes. It is used to sew the bottom hem of the pant.
  13. Kansai special machine: For special purposes, this machine is used. Front flacket and waist band of pant is sewing by this type of machine. Also, this is a two-needle machine, but the distance between two needles will be 0.5 to 2.50 inches.
  14. Pocket sewer machine: It is specially used for sewing pockets in coats and blazers.


Different sewing machine manufacturers have produced these types of sewing machines. Sewing machine facilities differ from one to another. Before buying a sewing machine, one should follow the facilities of the machine that are provided.

So, the garment sewing machine should be the latest for applying the latest technological knowledge to apparel.

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