Principles Of Computerized Marker Making

Marker Making

Marker making is an essential task in apparel manufacturing. To make a marker, various techniques are applied to it. The efficiency of a marker depends on the arrangement of the pattern on the marker.

Types of Marker Making

Marker-making systems can be made in two ways. They are-

  1. Manual marker making system
  2. Computerized marker making system

Principles of Computerized Marker Making System

The following are the principles of the computer maker-making system:

  • At first, patterns need to be made directly by CAD or Digitized System into computer.
  • Secondly, pattern grading is essential for CAD with the help of grade rules.
  • Thirdly, for making marker need to fill up a sheet on the computer with its contents.
  1. Marker Ratio: S: M: L: XL.
  2. Marker Width.
  3. 1 way or 2 way marker.
  4. Pattern-to-pattern distance (it depends on knife thickness).
  • On the computer screen, miniatures of the graded pattern are displayed graphically.
  • Therefore, press the auto button, and within a few seconds, the marker will be made automatically by the computer.
  • Finally, once the marker is completed, a full-scale marker is printed by PLOTTER on a long paper sheet.

In sum, various types of software are used for making markers in modern times in the garment industry.

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