Features Of Water Jet Cutting Machine

Water Jet Cutting Machine

A water jet cutting machine is a modern cutting instrument. It is run by a computerized system. Special software is used for this cutting. Laser cutters and water jet cutters are both operated by computers.

Water Jet Cutting Machine

Features of the Water Jet Cutter

The features of the water jet cutter are given below. They are –

  • Firstly, water jet cutter is consisting of water pump and nozzle.
  • Secondly, special software used to cut wood or fabric.
  • Therefore, in water jet cutter, water is used to cut wood or fabric which is controlled by computer.
  • Lastly, for doing this cutting, ice table is used.

Water jet cutter is not suitable for fabric cutting but this cutter is under research to cut fabric.

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  • Henry Xiao waterjet

    Well the article described about the uses of waterjet briefly and I enjoyed reading it.I always liked the idea of making terracotta art by waterjet.I think waterjet machines are most cost effective than waterjet abrasive machines.What is your opinion in this matter?.Keep posting.

  • Deep Parekh

    although water jet cutting is very efficient method, but can it affect on die which is used in garmet?

  • Otis Kirby - Cdmcmachine.com

    I believe that water jet technology can give so much impact on garment industry. Especially with its ability to cut material easily and precisely.

  • David - Walshmfg.com

    With this technology becoming more popular now, I’m sure that water jet cutting machine is a great choice for this industry. Especially considering its high cutting speed and the ability to cut hard materials easily.

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