Types Of Fabric Cutting Machine Used In Garment Industry

Fabric Cutting Machine

Fabric cutting is an important task in apparel manufacturing. Fabric cutting is a process of cutting multiple layers of fabric by means of cutting equipment for bulk production in apparel industry. After laying the marker on the spread fabric, the cutting operation is done. Various types of industrial fabric cutting machine is used for garment cutting. The performance of cutting depends on the sharpness of cutting equipment types.

Fabric cutting section plays vital role because accurate, efficient and effective cutting process can ensure the profitability of garment business. The cutting process is start by collecting the raw material like fabric and interlining from the store. After collecting the raw materials it required to lay down on the cutting table. Then, it needs to laying the marker as per instruction. The cutting is done after laying the maker on the fabric. different cutting techniques are implied for cutting the fabric. After cutting process, the pieced fabric is send to the sewing section for next process.

Fabric Cutting Machine

Purpose of Fabric Cutting

There are lots of purpose to use fabric cutting machine in the apparel manufacturing. The followings are the major purpose of fabric cutting. They are-

  1. It needs to cut the fabric by specific some size that is useable to make clothing.
  2. It is possible to cut hundreds of clothing fabric with same design which is provided through requirement of buyers.
  3. Fabric cutting machine can cut too many lay of fabric at different size.
  4. In cutting section, it needs to ensure that at least hundreds piece of fabric layer cut at a time in cutting table.
  5. Apparel for different country and cultures are made by fabric cutting machine.
  6. The ultimate purpose of cutting is to run the next process smoothly.
  7. The fabric cutting should minimize the wastage of fabric.

Types of Fabric Cutting Machine

Fabric cutting is an important task. Different fabric cutting machines are used for performing the cutting operation. However, cutting machines and equipment are categorized by the following three ways. They are-

  1. Manual Cutting Machines
  2. Semi-Automatic Cutting Machines
  3. Fully Automatic Cutting Machines

Types Of Fabric Cutting Machine Used In Garment Industry

Fabric cutting is done means of different cutting machine. The characteristics of the cutting equipment is vary from one to another. There are different advantages and disadvantages of using cutting machine. The following are the list of fabric cutting tools used in apparel manufacturing. They are-

  1. Scissors
  2. Straight Knife Cutting Machine
  3. Band Knife Cutting Machine
  4. Round Knife Cutting Machine
  5. Die Cutting Machine
  6. Drill and Notcher Cutting Machine
  7. Computerized Knife Cutting Machine
  8. Computerized Laser Cutting Machine
  9. Computerized Water-Jet Cutting Machine
  10. Plasma Torch Cutting Machine
  11. Rib Cutting Machine


Scissors is a manual fabric cutting tools and it is used to cut the fabric plies manually. It is a common equipment in cutting section. Although there are semi automatic and computerized cutting tools in the cutting section but it is not possible to avoid use of scissors in the cutting room.

Fabric Cutting Machine

Straight Knife Cutting Machine

Straight knife cutting machine is a semi-automatic cutting tools which is used for cut the fabric layers on the cutting table. It is a versatile, portable tools also it is cheaper than a band knife which is relatively reliable and easy to maintain.

Fabric Cutting Machine

Features of Straight Knife Cutting Machine:

  • Firstly, electric power is used to driven the knife.
  • Secondly, straight edge is commonly used in this cutting machine.
  • Thirdly, blade stroke ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 cm.
  • After that, the grinding wheel helps to sharpen the cutting knife during cutting operation.
  • Different blade edge is used in straight knife cutting machine such as straight edge, wave edge, saw edge, serrated edge.
  • Finally, different heavy fabric such as denim fabric and, canvas are cut by this cutting tools.

Band Knife Cutting Machine

Band knife cutting machine is used to pieces the fabric first on a block then exactly cut on a band knife. This cutting tools are used when a higher cutting standard accuracy is required which cannot be obtained with a straight knife.

Fabric Cutting Machine

Features of Band Knife Cutting Machine:

  • Firstly, band knife cutting machine consists of a series of three or more pulleys and it is powered by an electric motor.
  • Secondly, the major feature of band knife cutting machine is that cutting knife is endless in shape and also flexible.
  • After that, this band knife blade is usually narrow than the straight knife cutting machine.
  • Finally, this cutter is similar to sawmill cutter.

Round Knife Cutting Machine

Round knife cutting machine is another important cutting tool. This equipment is used in different ways but specially it used when straight lines or lower no of lays of relatively few plies are required to cut.

Fabric Cutting Machine

Features of Round Knife Cutting Machine

  • Firstly, base plate, electric motor, circular blade are main components of round knife clothes cutter.
  • Secondly, blade diameter of the knife is varies from 6 to 20cm.
  • After that, the shape of the band knife blade is circular.
  • Finally, electric power is used to drive the round knife cutting machine.

Die Cutting Machine

Die cutting machine is a semi-automatic cutting machine. However, this machine is generally used where particular shape and pattern of small motifs and accuracy in cutting are required.

Fabric Cutting Machine

Features of Die Cutting Machine

  • Firstly, two types of die cuttings are available like pressers and clickers.
  • Secondly, blade, motor, ram head are the important parts of die knife fabric cutting machines.
  • After that, these machines is made by metallic strip.
  • Finally, it is used in clothing manufacturing to cut sharp and small parts.

Drill and Notcher Cutting Machine

Drill and Notcher are special types of fabric cutting machine.

Features of Drill Cutting Machine

  • Firstly, motor, base plate, drill, and spirit level are the vital elements of drill fabric cutting machine.
  • Secondly, the drill is permanent for a long to make the hole in the case of tightly woven fabric.
  • Finally, many color is sprayed along with the hole in a hypodermic drill.
Notcher Cutting Machine 1

Features of Notcher Cutting Machine

  • Firstly, notcher is a special type of cutting machine which is used in special cases.
  • Secondly, these machine are made in V-shape or U-shape.
  • Finally, the main function of this machine is to make a notch in the edge of some important components.

Computerized Knife Cutting Machine

Computerized knife cutting machine is a automatic cutting equipment. It is generally used in garment manufacturing when bulk volume is required to cut. It is a computer based system where the machine cuts fabric according to the given command. Generally, this cutting system gives the most accurate possible cutting at high speed.

Computerized Knife Cutting Machine 1 1 jpg

Features of Computerized Knife Cutting Machine

  • Firstly, the advantage of the cutting machine is that, it is not required to put the marker over the fabric plies during cutting.
  • Secondly, the cutting knife is oval-shaped also very hard.
  • Thirdly, This machine knife has high sharpness.
  • After that, stainless steel is used to make cutting blade.
  • CAD (computer-aided design) system is used in this machine.
  • Finally, when this is a computerized system, so the cutting knife moves itself according to the computer program direction.

Computerized Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine is an automatic system of cutting. In computerized laser cutting machine, the cutting head is controlled by a computer. In this system, the ray falls on a material and  it generates heat on the material to cut the fabric.

Computerized Laser Cutting Machine 1 1 jpg

Features of Computerized Laser Cutting Machine

  • Firstly, laser or a ray of light is in the cutting process.
  • Firstly, this machine cut the fabric at a speed of 13m per minute.
  • After that, vaporization is used to cut the fabric.
  • Finally, the radius of the spot of light is highly powerful which is 0.25 mm.

Computerized Water Jet Cutting Machine

Water jet cutting machine is a computerized cutting machine. In this cutting process, a catcher in the fabric bottom lays that utilize with the same speed and the same direction as a water jet machine.

Computerized Water Jet Cutting Machine 1 1 jpg

Features of Computerized Water Jet Cutting Machine

  • Firstly, in this machine, water uses like a hard and sharp knife that helps to cut the fabric.
  • Secondly, water pressure is 60,000 pounds per square inch.
  • Finally, a thin water jet is passed through a nozzle in a very momentum.

Plasma Torch Cutting Machine

Plasma torch cutting machine is another fabric cutting machine. It uses to cut one or more fabric plies. Moreover, a thin through the nozzle which is made by argon gas use to cut the fabrics. It is mostly used for single ply cutting.

Rib Cutting Machine

This cutting machine is used to cut narrow fabric tape of rib from knits fabric. However, this ribs are used neck finishing of t-shirts or piping operations.

So, when you will buy a cutting instrument for apparel manufacturing, you should be aware of the properties of that’s an instrument.

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