Zipper Types and Functions of Zipper Parts


The zipper is one of the important trimmings as well as apparel accessories. It is used for the opening and closing purposes of the apparel parts. Most of the time, it is used in jackets, pants, and shirt manufacturing. But in modern times, in some jeans pants, the button is used instead of a zipper.

Functions of Zipper Parts

Types Of Zipper

The zipper is classified into two types. They are as follows:

  1. One-End Zipper: This type of zipper is used in jacket.
  2. Closed End Zipper: A closed end zipper is used in pants or shirt.

Parts of Zipper and Functions of Zipper Parts

To know about zippers, one should know about the different parts of the zipper. A zipper consists of six parts, which are listed below. They are:

  • Top Stopper
  • Zipper Tape
  • Teeth or Coil
  • Slider
  • Slider Pin
  • Bottom Stopper

Top Stopper

The top stopper of the zipper controls the slider running out of the top of the zipper.

Zipper Tape

Zipper tape is a suitable embodiment of the fastener elements. Basically, cotton, polyester, nylon, or blended fibers are used to produce the zipper part. However, sewing is needed to attach it to the garments. Hence, zipper tape is a narrow fabric that has high lateral strength, may be knitted or woven, and provides one selvage.

Teeth or Coil

The zipper is opened and closed by teeth or a coil. Basically, brass, aluminum, nylon, or plastic are used to make teeth.


The zipper’s teeth or chain open and close by the slider.

Slider Pin

A slider pin is generally used in the slider to keep it from unwanted movement.

Bottom Stopper

The bottom stopper of the zipper also controls the slider run out of the zipper from the bottom position of the zipper.

In sum, different zipper manufacturing companies manufactured zippers. Besides, zippers vary in shape and size. The zipper is manufactured as per buyer requirements.

So, when you use a zipper, you have to be concerned about the quality of the zipper because the entire zipper has different properties. One should be careful during zipper selection.

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