4 Best Fabrics for Kurtas in Summer

Kurtas in Summer

The summer in India is deadly. With temperatures in most parts of the country reaching above 40 degrees, the Indian summer is uncomfortable and sweltering. But does that mean one should not participate in any summer outdoor evening events or festivities? Of course, not!

The trick here is to dress for the event, keeping the comfort factor and the temperature in mind. A breezy linen shirt or an elegant kurta set for men can be the perfect outfit to ace any summer event. 

Why choose a Kurta set for men?

In this era of ragged denim and linen tees, elegant and nawabi kurtas can be your best bet when it comes to comfort clothing. A kurta-pajama set generally does not utilize any thick or coarse fabric like denim. Hence, the breezy outfit can help you stay cool and relaxed even in hot and humid weather conditions.

And, do you know what the best part is? Apart from rocking any traditional event or festival in your favorite kurta set for men, you could also team your easy-breezy kurtas with jeans or cotton trousers for relaxed, casual outings with friends, family, etc. 

Fabrics for Kurtas in Summer
4 Best Fabrics for Kurtas in Summer

4 Best Fabrics for Kurtas in Summer

Of course, the type of fabric in your kurta-pajama set or kurtas will dictate your comfort factor. No matter how good it looks, synthetic material can never provide the comfort of natural and pure fabrics.

This article intends to solve your problem of picking the right fabric for your summer kurta. Please read on to learn about the four best materials you can select for summer wear. 

1. Handloom Cotton

No fabric can contest the elegance and comfort provided by humble handloom cotton. Woven by various traditional weaving clusters across the length and breadth of the country, handloom cotton kurtas are epitomes of grace and elegance wrapped in comfort.

There are different textures and weaves available in handloom cotton. For example, you can go for the softest Bengal cotton kurtas in bold hues, or you can choose more textured handloom cotton kurtas in soft colors from Madhya Pradesh or even the coarse Kala cotton kurtas from Kutch. No matter their texture or hues, a handloom cotton kurta is ideal if you wish to keep it elegant and comfy this summer. 

2. Mul Cotton 

While handloom cotton kurtas are priced a little high, mill-made mul cotton (or mulmul) counterparts are available at much lower rates, though there’s minimal to no difference in the comfort factor.

The mul cotton fabric is often used as a base for various indigenous and traditional prints, such as Bagru, Sanganeri, Bagh, Ajrakh, etc. So, if you want your kurtas to have a touch of print and color, you can go for the mul cotton fabric. They look great with traditional pajamas as well as jeans for a more casual look. 

3. Pure Linen 

Linen is a flax-based textile known for its breezy texture and suitability to beat the crazy summer heat. If you are someone who loves their kurtas to have a touch of subtleness in terms of hues, linen is your fabric. You can team your linen kurtas with cotton trousers or even jeans for a more casual look. 

Being a relatively newer entry in the contemporary fabric scenario, it’s pretty easy to fall for linen-blend fabrics. Hence, make sure to buy from reputed brands and online stores when you wish to wear linen kurtas. 

4. Silk-Cotton Kurtas

Understandably, many people don’t like to flaunt cotton and linen at festivals, traditional parties, and weddings. But does that mean you will have to seek refuge in heavy-weight fabrics and compromise on the comfort factor? Of course, not! Instead, you can add silk-cotton kurtas to your collection in vibrant, bright hues to rock summer weddings. 

Pure silk cotton handwoven fabrics from Chanderi and Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh offer immense comfort and the necessary glitz to ace the parties and events held in the summer months. The elegant sheen from the silk, the comfort provided by the cotton, and the extra weft motifs done by the weavers come together in silk-cotton fabrics. They create kurtas that promise to make you stand apart in the crowd without leaving behind your comfort. They can be easily teamed with your silk churidars or pajamas for the most elegant look. 

Wrapping up

When it comes to fabrics for kurta sets for men, India has a treasure trove to offer. Besides the silk-cotton material, which requires a bit of maintenance, most cotton and linen fabrics are extremely easy to handle and maintain. All the ones mentioned here are skin-friendly and come with a long shelf life.

Furthermore, the comfort these natural and breathable fabrics offer can never be compared to their synthetic counterparts. So, the next time you go shopping for kurtas and kurta-pajama sets, you know which materials to go for. 

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