Types, Features, Uses, And Specification of Die Cutting Machine

Die Cutting Machine

Die cutter is a special type of cutting instrument. It is generally used for leather technology. It is not suitable to cut large parts. Sometimes, it is used for garment cutting. Basically, die-cutting machines are used to convert web or sheet materials into shapes. Therefore, they are used for processing woven fabrics, non-woven textiles as well as rubber sheets.


Types of Die Cutting Machine:

Die-cutting machines are of two types. They are-

  1. Clicker presses die cutting machine
  2. Rotary die cutting machine.

Features of Die Cutting Machine:

The features of the die cutter are given below.

  1. Die cutter is specially used in leather technology. It helps to make shoe, bag and belts.
  2. Dies are necessary to make before cutting operation.
  3. Leather or any product is cut like paper cutting technique.

Uses of Die Cutting Machine:

The following are the uses of die-cutting machines. They are-

  • Firstly, it uses for process parameter studies
  • Secondly, It use for material development
  • Sample preparation in laboratory also done by this.
  • Lastly, identification cards are made by this.
Specification of Die Cutting Machine:

The following specification is important for die-cutting machine selection. They are-

  1. Capacity or Operating Force
  2. Throat
  3. Stroke
  4. Daylight or Open Height
  5. Maximum Sheet Width or Working Depth
  6. Maximum Sheet Length or Working Length

In sum, a die cutter is not as popular for fabric cutting as a straight knife, band knife or round knife cutter. Additionally, it is specially used for making leather products.

So, Select your desired one die cutting machine for fabric cutting.

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  1. Thanks for sharing information about die cutting machine. I like that you discuss the two types of devices: the clicker and rotary die-cut. These machines are helpful in different industries like garments also with leather. Die-cutting machines are also used in creating boxes for food packaging.


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