Golden Fiber | Jute Sector Of Bangladesh

Jute Fiber The golden color is a favorite of people. I also like the golden color. Also, you may hear about the pride of Bangladesh which is named golden fibers. Yes, I say about jute, which is so-called. Jute is a vegetable fiber that can be spun into different types of jute cloth and decorative … Read more

List of Diversified Jute Goods Companies In Bangladesh and India

Jute Goods Jute goods demand increases day by day. Different types of development and improvement of jute goods are done by the different research institutes. India, Bangladesh, China, and other jute growing countries are trying to improve the present jute goods quality. A team of scientists at BJRI is trying its best to improve this. … Read more

Count of Yarn | | Measurement of Fineness of Yarn

Count of Yarn The yarn count of yarn is important to produce the specific quality of yarn. Generally, when we get an order of finished products we have to calculate the count of yarn. Besides, it is important to give a specific yarn count as the pre-condition of a producer. It also shows the ability … Read more

Jute Mills in Bangladesh | Government and Private Sector

Jute Mills in Bangladesh All of us know that Bangladesh is popular for jute. In fact, it is one of the principle crops of Bangladesh. Additionally, a large amount of jute is cultivated here. As a result, Bangladesh is the world’s largest grower of quality jute. Besides, a large number of jute goods are exported … Read more

What Are the Reasons Behind Low Production In Jute Mills

Jute Jute and its products are eco-friendly. Additionally, this product manufacturing business is one of the most profitable businesses all over the world. If anyone has not enough idea about this business then he should not be engaged with this business. Every time we should remember that better plans and knowledge can bring success in … Read more

Features Of Jute Products | List of Jute Goods

Jute Products Jute Products are eco-friendly and it is safe to use in everyday life. So we need to know the features of jute goods. Basic jute goods are available to use consequently for environmental safety. At present time, this world becomes unsafe and unhealthy for different types of problems. But who is responsible for … Read more

Jute Fiber || Chemical Composition Of Jute Fiber

Jute Fiber Jute is a 100% natural fiber. To demonstrate that about 64% cellulose contains in the chemical composition of natural jute fiber. Jute is one of the most common natural fibers when natural fiber means it completely grows naturally. For this reason, it is completely safe to use in our everyday life. Also, it … Read more

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