List of Diversified Jute Goods Companies In Bangladesh and India

Jute Goods

Jute-goods demand increases day by day. Different types of development and improvement of jute goods are done by the different research institutes. India, Bangladesh, China, and other jute-growing countries are trying to improve the quality of their jute goods. A team of scientists at BJRI is trying its best to improve this. They have already made some achievements.

Diversified Jute Goods

Different types of research work are done by the researchers. They are trying to improve the product quality as well as the environment. In Bangladesh, the environment is extremely polluted by the extensive use of plastic bags and plastic products. The government of Bangladesh is trying to improve the environment by increasing the use of jute goods.

Different types of environmentally friendly jute goods are produced here in Bangladesh as well as in India, China, and Pakistan, which are the major suppliers of jute goods all over the world. One day, I walked on the roadside and noticed writing over my head that Environment Care International was a showroom of different types of diversified jute goods. They also supply diversified jute goods all over the world. Most of the products are too attractive. Printed goods, dyeing goods, and grey goods are available there in different styles. The following products are available there:

  1. Bottle bag
  2. Shopping bag
  3. Fashion Bag
  4. Ladies Bag
  5. Grocery Bag
  6. Executive Bag
  7. Parts
  8. Tola Bag
  9. Travelers Bag
  10. Beach Bag
  11. Room Sleeper
  12. Different Boxes
  13. Cushion Cover
  14. Occasional Bag
  15. Cards
  16. Nursery Bag
  17. Button
  18. Handle
  19. Tongo
  20. Fabrics

The above list of jute goods is not only attractive but also cheap in price. Different classes of people can buy it and can help keep this environment pollution-free. To encourage the producers of diversified jute goods, we should buy jute goods. Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle East could be big markets for diversified jute products. We should advertise more and more for diversified jute goods. Bangladeshi jute mills play a great role in this field.

List of Diversified Jute Goods Companies In Bangladesh and India

The following companies are the major suppliers of diversified jute goods:

  2. Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation(BJMC)
  3. Akij Jute Mills Ltd.
  4. Indarsen Shamlal Private Limited
  5. Creative Functional Art
  6. Oasis Agencies Private limited
  7. Ramdev Enterprise
  8. Reliable Packing Solutions
  9. Roshan Minar International
  10. Mysore Nandi Tarpaulins Mfg. Co. Hyderabad
  11. J.P. Paper Coating & Processing Industries
  12. Dunlop Tarpaulin Industries
  13. Global Elate Enterprise
  14. Comilla International
  15. Super Paulins, Coimbatore
  16. G.P. Hardware
  17. Shree Balaji Exports
  18. Chandra Prakash & Co.
  19. Basu Jutex Pvt. Ltd.
  20. Green earth International
  21. Advin International
  22. T.S. Technologies
  23. Vivek And Company
  24. Naman Merchandising Services
  25. H. M. Shah & Company
  26. S.L. Packing Private Limited
  27. Affy Weaver India Pvt. Ltd.
  28. Gunbow Trading Company
  29. Pure & Fresh International
  30. PKC Fibre Industry
  31. Kaviram Exim
  32. Tma Impex Private limited
  33. Shiva Exports
  34. Rayman Exports, Udaipur
  35. Carpet Cellar India
  36. Ramraja Bhandar
  37. M.S. International, Kolkata
  38. Vibrant Nature
  39. Harshit Export
  40. Gloster jute Mills ltd.
  41. Surajbhan Commodities Private Limited
  42. Vast Exporters
  43. Shree Jyotirling Traders, Mumbai
  44. Manav Jute Products Private limited
  45. K.K. Enviro Tech Private Limited
  47. Khandelwal Jutex Private Ltd.
  48. Emerald Bags
  49. Indus Valley Exports & Imports Pvt. Ltd.
  50. K. M. K. Exports
  51. Kusum Enterprise
  52. Peshawar Carpets
  53. Global International.
  54. Alnas Jute Diversified Prod. Ltd.
  55. AKW Burlap And Bag Industries Ltd
  56. Islam Carpet Industries Ltd.

There are a lot of Jute industries in India and Bangladesh. All of them are trying their best to give the best products.

Let us take the decision to use diversified jute products in our everyday life. I wish on will be satisfied by reading out the list of diversified jute goods companies in Bangladesh and India post.

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