What Are the Reasons Behind Low Production In Jute Mills


Jute and its products are eco-friendly. Additionally, this product manufacturing business is one of the most profitable businesses all over the world. If anyone has not enough idea about this business, then he should not be engaged with it. Every time, we should remember that better plans and knowledge can bring success in life.

The Reasons Behind Low Production in Jute Mills:

We want to get more benefits from a project, but sometimes we can’t. That’s an achievement. We should know the properties of jute fiber.  Different reasons are responsible for it. Now I will refer you to some reasons for which most jute mills can’t reach their goal of production:

  • Firstly, the buying of raw jute is not in perfect timing, which means jute is not bought in the right season (July–November).
  • Secondly, the lack of honesty of top management
  • Thirdly, buying low-grade raw jute and comparing jute batches
  • Money is not in hand at the right time (Jute buying seasons).
  • Overemployment of local labor in an industry
  • Lack of qualified mechanical instrument supply
  • Too much load shading occurs during the production period.
  • Lack of an overhauling system for the machines
  • Employment of unskilled labor.
  • Miss communication among officers, stuff, and labor.
  • There is too much corruption in the purchase and export departments.
  • Lack of planning to increase production at the mills
  • Uncontrolled CBA in an industry
  • Political handling in the planning of industry
  • Fixation of the jute purchasing rate lately.
  • Lack of training among the employees
  • Unwanted behavior from a different bank for loan sanction
  • Lack of decision-making capability of the higher authority
  • Complexity of ministry.
  • Unskilled management.
  • Lack of latest product production
  • Lack of responsibility for labor
  • Stay behind modern technology.
  • Lastly, political decisions regarding this sector
  • Others

In sum, the above reasons can be found in most government industries, as well as in some private mills. Anyhow, target production management should take steps to remove all the problems.

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