Top Jute Growing Countries Of The World || Jute Cultivating Countries

Jute Jute is a natural fiber. It is the cheapest vegetable fiber after cotton. Jute is a 100% bio-degradable fiber. The products which are produced from jute fibers are 100% safe for the environment. For the eco-friendly characteristics, the use of jute goods is increasing day by day. Different types of diversified products produce from … Read more

List of Tools And Equipment For Quality Control Department

Quality Control Department The quality control department of a production unit is responsible to take different types of tests during production. A different test is carried out by the Q.C officer in the production unit. Also, the different test is done by a different tester. By taking the test, one can be assured of the … Read more

Flow Chart Of Jute Yarn Spinning Process || Batching To Winding

Jute Yarn Jute fiber is the golden fiber. This fiber is generally used for manufacturing different types of environment-friendly products. However, the demands for jute goods are increasing rapidly day by day. Therefore, lots of jute mills are established to satisfy the present requirement of jute goods. So, one should have knowledge about the processing … Read more

Jute Sector || Importance Of Jute In World Economy

Jute Sector Jute is a natural fiber. It is the most common natural fiber which is biologically and geologically friendly for the earth. In the present circumstances, the demand for jute fiber and its goods is remarkable. When this world becomes the victim of synthetic goods and their bad effect on the people that’s time … Read more

Application Of Jute Fiber || List Of Jute Products

Jute Fiber Jute is a natural cellulosic fiber. It is fully different from other textile fibers but it is near similar to the flax fiber. Basically, the jute fiber comes from the jute plant and the fiber length is about 0.2 to 30 inches. It is hard and it needs to soften before making yarn … Read more

Flow Chart of Jute Products Manufacturing Process || Spinning To Finishing

Jute Jute fiber is a natural bast fiber. It is harder than other textile fibers. Its spinning process is different from others spinning. Flow Chart of Jute Products Manufacturing Process Jute is a natural fiber. It is environmentally friendly. Due to its worldwide demand different countries manufacture jute goods. Jute goods are produced by a … Read more

Physical and Chemical Properties of Jute Fiber | Identity of Jute Fiber

Jute Fiber Jute is a bast fiber. Additionally, the fibers that come from the inner bark of the plants are known as bast fiber. Basically, different types of natural and man-made fibers are available in the world. So it is essential to know the properties of fibers because without knowing them, it is not possible … Read more

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