Quality Assurance System Diagram In A Knit Composite Mill

Quality control department runs by the direction of a quality assurance manager (most of the cases). Quality of a product is checked in the different manufacturing stages of a product. During quality assurance they follow different international quality standard. Q.C department also take help from CCMS for measuring the quality of a textile material.


Here, I have given a flow chart of quality assurance diagram from spinning to garments. I think most of the textile manufacturing company follow it.

Yarn processing

Yarn test

Pass ————- Fail

↓                    ↓

                                    Knitting            Send to spinning mill

Grey fabric inspection

Pass ————– Fail

↓                    ↓

                                    Grey store       Send to store as reject

Batch making



Drying / stentering


Fabric checking

Lab  Inspection (Shade)

Pass ————– Fail

↓                    ↓

                                    Delivery                Send to store as reject

Send to concern Department

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