Different Types of Quality Test In Dyeing Mill

Quality Test

Quality is a must for value-added products. However, fabric Inspection is done in grey form or finished form. The inspection of fabric is a procedure by which the defects of fabric are identified and the fabric is classified according to the degree or intensity of defects. The fabric inspection is done for both grey and finished fabric.

Grey Fabric Inspection

After producing grey knit or woven fabric it requires to check out any types of fabric faults before sending in the dyeing section. Most fabric manufacturing companies inspect grey fabric according to 4 point system.

Quality test in dyeing mill
Different Types of Quality Test In Dyeing Mill

Finished Fabric Inspection

The final product should pass against the norms given by the buyer. The following are major tests for quality assurance. They are-

Physical Test

  1. Shade check
  2. GSM test
  3. Width or diameter test
  4. Shrinkage test
  5. Crocking test
  6. Spiraled test
  7. Tensile strength test
  8. Abrasion resistance test
  9. Pilling resistance test
  10. Crease resistance test
  11. Bursting strength test
  12. Dimensional stability
  13. WPI & PPI

Chemical Test

  1. Color Fastness to light.
  2. Colorfastness to wash
  3. Color Fastness to heat.
  4. Colorfastness to chlorinated water
  5. Color Fastness to water spotting.
  6. Color Fastness to Seawater.
  7. PH test.
  8. Colorfastness to perspiration
  9. Repellency
Different Types of Fabric Faults:

Different types of fabric faults can be found in the dyed finished fabric. The following defects are found in the final inspection.

  1. Uneven shade
  2. Oil spot
  3. Neps
  4. Crease mark
  5. Machine Stoppage mark
  6. Listing
  7. Line mark
  8. Pick missing
  9. Double yarn
  10. Dead cotton
  11. Bowing
  12. Fly yarn contamination

So, find out the defects of the finished goods and try to reduce the faults of the fabric.

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