Types Of On Line Quality Control System

Quality Control System

On-line quality control is a system that is performed during manufacturing. During this checking, if any faults are found in materials, one should take the necessary steps to reduce the fault or to stop the process and take the necessary steps to recover it.

Types of Quality Control System

There are two types of quality control systems; one is an off line quality control system and the other is an online quality control system.

On Line Quality Control
Types Of On-Line Quality Control System

Types Of On Line Quality Control System

Identically, online quality control comprises raw material quality control and process control. Online quality control consists of –

  • Raw Material Control
  • Process Control

Raw Material Control

As the quality of the product depends on the raw material quality, we must be provided with the best quality raw material with an economical consideration.

  • Firstly, the fabric must be without fault, with proper absorbency and whiteness as per the requirements of the subsequent process. The Greige inspection report gives the condition of the raw fabric. The information found in a Greige report is given below:

Penalty Point Legends


Oil stainOS
Chemical stainCS
Water spotWS
Fly yarnFY
Rub mark R
Dye stain DS
Dirt stain D
Rust Stain RS
Yarn ContaminationYC
Inspect spotIS
Grease stain GS
Missing yarnMY
Drop stitchDS
Needle lineNL
Uneven TensionUT
Thick & Thin placeTT
Sinker MarkSM
Wrong DesignWD

Barre mark

Greige Report
  • Secondly, the chemical should be of known concentration with a higher degree of purity.
  • Lastly, the entire machine should be higher precisions.

Process Control

The method chosen for the process must be provided with the necessary accurate parameters. The specific gravity, water level, residual hydrogen peroxide, etc. at each stage should be checked.

So, be careful during quality checking.

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