List of Tools And Equipment For Quality Control Department

Quality Control Department

The quality control department of a production unit is responsible to take different types of tests during production. A different test is carried out by the Q.C officer in the production unit. Also, the different test is done by a different tester. By taking the test, one can be assured of the quality of the product. After that, one can make a decision about the quality of the product.

List of Tools And Equipment For Quality Control Department:

In the production unit, a test of the product is a must for confirming the quality of the products. Here, I have listed some machinery or tester name which is used in jute mills for quality control. They are-

  1. Auto Mixture Machine
  2. Beaker Measuring Flask
  3. Balance Physical & Chemical Machine
  4. Calculator
  5. Cloth Tensile Strength Tester
  6. Heater
  7. Hot Plate
  8. Moisture Meter
  9. Measuring Cylinder
  10. Microscope
  11. Meter Scale
  12. Oil Extraction Machine
  13. Oven Tester Dry Machine
  14. pH Meter
  15. Slide Calipers
  16. Screw Gauge
  17. Scissor
  18. Sliver irregularity Tester
  19. Stove
  20. Sprit Lamp
  21. Stop Watch
  22. Techo Meter
  23. Twist Tester
  24. Yarn Reeling Machine
  25. Yarn Tensile Strength Tester

So, that’s all about the machinery of the quality control department of jute mills.

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