Polyamide Fiber | Physical And Chemical Properties Of Nylon 6

Nylon 6 is an important polyamide. It is a synthetic fiber. It is produced by the polymerization of different organic complex. The production flow chart of nylon 6 will be described in one of the blog. Nylon 6 is a strong fiber and it is used to carry various types of heavy task like nylon 6.6. Generally color of the nylon 6 is white but it could be colorful by adding different dyes in the solution bath before fiber production.

Textile fiber consists of some characteristics. Like other synthetic fiber, nylon 6 has some physical and chemical properties which are described below.

Physical Properties of Nylon 6: Physical properties of nylon are given below.

  1. Tenacity: 6.0 – 8.5 gm/den
  2. Density:  1.14 gm/c.c
  3. Elongation at break: 15 – 45%
  4. Elasticity: Very good
  5. Moisture Regain (MR%): 3.5 – 5%
  6. Resiliency: Good
  7. Melting point: 2150C
  8. Ability to protest friction: Excellent
  9. Color: White
  10. Light reflection ability: Not good.
  11. Ability to protect heat: Up to 1500C
  12. Lusture: Bright to light

Chemical Properties of Nylon 6: Chemical properties of nylon 6 are given below.

  1. Acids: Like nylon 6.6, nylon 6 has not enough ability against acidic action.
  2. Basic: Basic does not cause harm to the nylon 6. Nylon 6 has enough ability against alkali.
  3. Effect of bleaching: Strong oxidizing agent is harmful for the nylon 6.
  4. Organic solvent: It becomes soluble in any dense acid or phenol.
  5. Protection ability against mildew: Mildew cannot cause harm to the nylon 6.
  6. Protection ability against insects: Insects cause harm to the nylon 6.
  7. Dyes: Nylon 6 could be dye by Direct dyes, Acid dyes and vat dyes.

So, that’s all about physical and chemical properties of nylon 6. I think this will help you to identify nylon 6 from other synthetic fibers.

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