Best Green Factory Of Bangladesh in 2020

The Green Factory Award

The ‘Green Factory Award’ has been introduced by the Labour and Employment Ministry on the occasion of the birth centenary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Therefore, the award will be given every two years. However, the Labor and Employment Ministry recently said that the awards will be given in six categories to green factories in appreciation of their efforts to keep carbon emissions low, tackle global warming, and address the impact of climate change locally and globally.

Best Green Factory Of Bangladesh in 2020

The Green Factory Award 2020 was given to 30 factories in the country from six sectors in recognition of their contributions to protecting the environment and creating jobs. Moreover, this award was given to mark the birth centenary of the founding president of the nation, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Additionally, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina virtually joined the award-giving ceremony from her official residence. Finally, on behalf of the prime minister, state minister for labor and employment, Begum Monnujan Sufian, handed over the awards to the factory representatives at the city’s Osmani Smriti Auditorium.

Best Green Factory Of Bangladesh in 2020

Figure: The Green Factory Award

On this occasion, 30 factories from six sectors are awarded, They are

  • 15 are from the garment sector,
  • 04 from the tea sector,
  • 03 (Three from the food processing sector,
  • 03 from the plastic sector,
  • 02 from the leather sector, and
  • 03 from the pharmaceutical sector.

The 15 garment factories got the Green Factory Award:

Bangladesh is the global leader, having 152 green garment buildings certified “Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED)” by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Among them, 44 factories are platinum-rated, 94 are gold-rated, and 10 are silver-rated. Besides, 500 more factories are in the process of achieving LEED certification. 
BGMEA President Faruque Hassan also congratulated the factories on winning the award and expressed appreciation for their efforts to reduce carbon emissions and global warming and their commitment to a healthy and sustainable future.
He urged the government to honor all green garment factories in Bangladesh similarly with awards to recognize their contributions to protecting the environment. In fact, the BGMEA President requested global brands and retailers to offer justified prices to green factories to encourage green initiatives in the apparel industry.

Best Green Factory Of Bangladesh in 2020

Image Source: Remi Holdings Ltd

Garment Sector

Following are the 15 garment factories that are awarded the green factory awards. They are-

  1. Remi Holdings Ltd,
  2. Tarasima Apparels Ltd,
  3. Plummy Fashions Ltd
  4. Mithela Textile Industries Ltd,
  5. Vintage Denim Studio Ltd,
  6. AR Jeans Producer Ltd,
  7. Karooni Knit Composite Ltd,
  8. Designer Fashion Ltd,
  9. Kenpark Bangladesh Apparel Private Limited (Kenpark Unit 2)
  10. Green Textile Ltd, (Unit-3),
  11. Four H Dyeing and Printing Ltd,
  12. Wisdom Attires Ltd,
  13. Mahmuda Attires Ltd,
  14. Snowtex Outerwear Ltd and
  15. Auko-Tex Ltd.

Tea Industry Sector

Following are the four enterprises from the tea industry sector. They are-

  1. Gazipur Cha Bagan,
  2. Laskarpur Cha Bagan,
  3. Jagchara Tea Factory and
  4. Neptune Cha Bagan.

Food Processing Sector

Following are the factories from the food processing sector. They are-

  1. Habiganj Agro Ltd,
  2. Akij Food and Beverage Ltd and
  3. Ifad Multi Products Ltd.

Plastic Sector

Following are the three factories from the plastic sector. They are-

  1. Banga Building Materials Ltd,
  2. Allplast Bangladesh Ltd and
  3. Durable Plastic Ltd.

Leather Industry Sector

Following are the two factories from the leather industry sector. They are-

  1. Apex Footwear Ltd and
  2. Edison Footwear Ltd,

Pharmaceutical Industry

Following are the three factories from the pharmaceutical industry. They are-

  1. Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd,
  2. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd and
  3. Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

At the function, at last, the awardees received medals and certificates and award money. Additionally, the prime minister also opened eight newly constructed women’s hostels. At the function, the prime minister also opened the ministry’s eight newly constructed structures, including a women’s hostel for working women.  

Following are the eight new structures are a hostel for working women with

  1. 5-bed hospital facilities and labor welfare center at Bandar in Narayanganj;
  2. Six-storey Shilpa Samparka Shikhayatan Bhaban in Chattogram;
  3. Five-story regional labor office in Narayanganj;
  4. Three-story labor welfare center and regional labor office in Bogura,
  5. Four-story labor welfare center at Rupsha in Khulna
  6. Three-story labor welfare center in Gaibandha;
  7. Three-story labor welfare center at Mongla in Bagerhat; and
  8. Labor welfare complex at Ghagray in Rangamati.  

So, from the above, it is clear that the government focuses on environmental safety as well as the compliance issue of the factories. Surely, this initiative will encourage the manufacturers to improve their working environment to protect the environment and ensure worker and employee compliance issues. Also, the factory management can implement some quality measurements such as 5S, Kaizen, TQM, TPM, and others to get continuous improvement.

Lastly, Other factories’ management will try their best to get the green factory award.

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