Top Garment Buying House In Bangladesh

Garment Buying House

Garment buying house is a common word to the merchandiser as well as the textile and garment-related personnel. Basically, a buying house makes a contract between the buyer and the clothing manufacturers. However, it plays like a medium that requires all types of necessary approval from the clothing or garment buyer. The buying house agent communicates with the buyer and takes the order, then places the order with the manufacturers as per the approved requirements of the buyer. Although buying house agencies help collect clothing orders from buyers, they have limitations on deciding on any significant issues.

Moreover, there are two types of buying houses: one is a buying agent or liaison office, and the other is a trading office when both of them work in a different pattern.

Garment-Buying House In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the second-largest garment manufacturer in the world. In fact, more than 150 countries import ready-made garments or clothing from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a trusted and attractive hub of garment sourcing across the world. Besides, the world’s highest number of green factories, i.e., 157 LEED-certified garment factories, are situated in Bangladesh. So, Bangladesh is one of the desired destinations for garment buyers. Lastly, it is important to know the buying house details that are conducting this great job.

Top Garment Buying House In Bangladesh

Top Garment Buying House In Bangladesh

Although buying a house acts as a medium between buyer and manufacturer, it is important to know the contact details of the buying house. Following that, I have illustrated contact details of the top garment-buying houses in Bangladesh, such as house number, road number, phone or mobile number, email, and website address. Following are the top apparel buying house in Bangladesh. They are-

So, above all, these are the common buying house names in Bangladesh. Additionally, the list will be modified from time to time. So, please stay for new updates.

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