Price Quotation Of Products

What Is Price Quotation?

Price quotation is very important for both the buyer and the seller. The understanding between the seller and buyer should be fine. When a seller gives a quote, he or she should be careful. The quotation letter should contain all the information that is necessary for understanding all the points of discussion. The price should be fixed by analyzing all the costs seen and unseen in the process. The price fixation should be fine.

In garment pricing, the merchandiser will be well aware of the process sequence of apparel. On the other hand, in the jute section, the merchandiser should know about the price of jute materials, process costs, overhead costs, maintenance costs, carrying costs, and other costs that are required for exporting jute goods domestically or abroad. The main fact is that a knowledgeable person can give a price quotation that is suitable for the present situation.

How To Make Price Quotation?

Significantly, price quote of products is important to get the best price of the product with the concern of the buyer and product manufacturing company. The quotation is the letter of dealings. In a quotation, the following points must be contained: They are-

  1. Type of quotation.
  2. Quality of the products offered for sale.
  3. Total quantity of the products offered for sale.
  4. Sale price of unit products.
  5. The total sum of the prices of the products
  6. Payment types like cash or credit, cash discount, cash discount, and other allowances
  7. Duties details.
  8. Shipment date, time, and place
  9. Packing, labeling, and insurance details.
  10. Error and omission expected (E and O.E.)
  11. List of the destinations of the documents copied

Overall, there are lots of points that must be maintained in the price quotation of products. So, one can give additional information in the quotation; it depends on the buyer’s requirements.

Moreover, to get the best buyer, the seller should send the best possible quotation. Depending on the quotation, they will place an order because it is the basis on which the interested buyer decides whether to buy or not.

At last, the price quotation for products should be courteous, clear, and concise.

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