Main Causes Of Industrial Accident And Its Remedies

Industrial Accident

An industrial accident is an important considering point for the industry. Above all, an industrial accident causes lots of harm to the industry. In industry, most of the workers are not aware of different types of industrial accidents which is a dangerous phenomenon in the industry. It is the duty of management to facilities training about industrial accidents to aware of the industrial accident. If the person who is involved with the production unit knows about the cause of the industrial accident then he will take himself from the industrial accident. Consequently, industrial accidents will be decreased, and workplace safety will be increased.

Main Causes Of Industrial Accident

An industrial accident is a common word in the industry. Although there are lots of causes of industrial accidents the following are three major points. They are:

Firstly, Act of God: No one knows about this type of accident. It could be anytime and anywhere. If it did then it needs to recover the losses.

Secondly, Man-Made: Most of the time, an industrial accident occurs due to the unawareness of the man. So, it is required to be aware the worker or every person about the industrial accident. The followings are some factors of man-made industrial accidents. Such as:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Poor housekeeping
  3. Overexertion
  4. Stress
  5. Improper Lifting
  6. Dehydration

Thirdly, Causes by the Hazardous Elements: Hazardous element is the most common reasons for an industrial accident. A condition or action that has the potential for an unplanned release of, or unwanted contact with, an energy source that may result in harm or injury to people, property, or the environment. Hazardous elements are the followings:

  1. Mechanical
  2. Electrical
  3. Pressure
  4. Temperature
  5. Chemical
  6. Biological
  7. Radiation
  8. Sound
  9. Gravity
  10. Motion

As above, there are lots of causes of industrial accidents.

Remedies way of Industrial Accidents

An industrial accident could happen but it needs to take precautions measure to reduce industrial accidents. If proper safety measures and employee training are performed consequently in the workplace then this type of industrial accident will be reduced.

Remedies ways to prevent industrial accidents are pre-measuring process. Such as:

Firstly, to develop an employee safety plan.

Secondly, To focus on skill development and education of all employees.

Thirdly, to form an internal safety committee that will arrange to require monthly employee training and promote safety awareness.

Then, to ensure supervisors are monitoring and reporting on the progress of all safety measures.

After that, make a plan maintenance schedule for all machines – daily, weekly, monthly based on the manufacturer’s suggestion.

Also, a regular inspection schedule must maintain and keep a logbook for ensuring this.

Additionally, an avenue should provide for employees to share safety concerns and ideas for improving safety

Moreover, if any machine parts break down early steps require to repairing and addressing all defective or broken machine parts.

Finally, all equipment must be tested before use.

Last not least, an industry is full of man, machines, and materials. Therefore, Man could befall into difficulties by an industrial accident. So, we must be aware of industrial accidents and their remedies way.

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