Requirements Of Sizing | Choice Of Size Ingredients

Sizing is important for weaving but if the process does not done with proper accuracy then every things will be hampered. For this reason a textile engineer should be very careful during sizing operation. Sizing is done for grey or stripped fabric production. In denim; sizing is done after scouring, bleaching and dyeing process.

Requirements of sizing: A sizing process should fulfill the following requirements, which is important for fabric production.

  • Sized warp must be sufficiently strong, smooth and elastic.
  • The sizing process must ensure the application of the required amount of size on the yarn or the required size regain.
  • The tension of warp yarn at sizing must be regular and constant all the time of warp unwinding from warp beam.
  • Yarn strength and loss in elongation should be admitted limits.
  • The package, i.e. the weavers beam produced must have cylindrical shape, necessary winding density and yarn strength.
  • The sizing process must be efficient, economical and must ensure the production of high quality sized warp.

Choice of size ingredients: Different size ingredients have different characteristics which I have given in one of my blog. Choice of size ingredients are given below:

  • The recipe should give the fewest breakage during weaving.
  • It should give least amount of exfoliation.
  • It should permit easy size removal in later operation.
  • It should give good fabric characteristics.
  • The recipe should be compatible with the machinery.
  • The recipe should not cause any health hazard.
  • The recipe should not cause any degradation of textile materials.
  • It should be cheap but not necessarily.
  • PH should lie between 7 to 7.4.

So, that’s all about requirements of sizing and choice of size ingredients.

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