Types Of Sizing Application Methods | Technical Changes Due To Sizing

Sizing is called the heart of weaving. Sizing is the process by which a protective adhesive coating is applies on a yarn surface. It increases the efficiency of weaving process. Types of sizing: Sizing process is classified as follow: Pure Sizing: Application of size ingredients up to 10%. Light Sizing: Application of size ingredients 11% … Read more

Requirements Of Sizing | Choice Of Size Ingredients

Sizing is important for weaving but if the process does not done with proper accuracy then every things will be hampered. For this reason a textile engineer should be very careful during sizing operation. Sizing is done for grey or stripped fabric production. In denim; sizing is done after scouring, bleaching and dyeing process. Requirements … Read more

What Is Size Ingredients | List Of Size Ingredients And Their Functions

Sizing is called heart of weaving. The materials which are used for sizing that is called size ingredients. A gelatinous film forming substance in solution or dispersion applied normally used for warp yarn but sometimes used for weft yarn before weaving is called size. Size ingredients and their functions: Different types of sized ingredients are … Read more