Hi-Tech Fibers || Top Technical Fibers For Technical Textiles

Hi-tech textile fibers are mostly re generated with high physical and chemical properties. We know about various natural and manmade fibers which are used in conventional textile manufacturing. In the modern times, technical textiles are made from the various types of hi-tech textile fiber. That’s technical fibers are made from synthetic fiber by the modification process. In this regards, I can give an example of technical fiber which is used for making an aircraft. The aircraft is known as “Dream liner” Premier of the Boeing 787, started in July 7, 2007. This aircraft is achieved through breaking application of carbon fiber technology. That was the most advanced passenger aircraft ever, quieter, pressenger friendly and environmental friendly.

Top Technical Fibers for Technical Textiles: Technical fibers are used for manufacturing technical yarn. Fibers which are used for technical textile manufacturing are listed below.

  1. Conventional fibers like cotton are used for technical textile manufacturing.
  2. Regenerated fibers, synthetic fibers like Viscose Rayon, Polyester, and Nylon.
  3. High strength and high modulus organic fibers like Carbon fiber.
  4. High chemical and combustion resistant organic fiber like cotton fiber.
  5. High performance inorganic fibers like Glass fiber, Basalt fiber.
  6. Ultra fine and novelty fibers like Micro fiber.

I have written about the application area of technical textiles in our modern life in one of my previous articles. So, technical fiber has a great importance in technical textile manufacturing process.

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