Types of Lockstitch: Class 300 || Uses Of Lockstitch


Lockstitch is the most used stitch type in apparel manufacturing. However, it has a neat appearance. It is a reversible, strong, and secure stitch type. It is also used for decorative purposes. In sewing, the lockstitch plays an important role.

Types of Lockstitch: Class 300

The following are the types of lockstitch classes: 300. They are-

  1. Type 301: Lockstitch
  2. Type 304: Lockstitch (Single Zig Zag)
  3. Type 308: Lockstitch (Double Step Zig Zag)
  4. Type 309: Lockstitch (2 Needle-1 Bobbin Thread Lockstitch)

Uses of Lockstitch in Garment Manufacturing

A Lockstitch sewing machine is used for forming a lockstitch. The applications of lockstitch type are given below. They are-

  • Firstly, Lockstitch Type 304 and Type 308 are specially used for BRA (Underwear).
  • Secondly, Lockstitch Type 302 is used to produce all kinds of apparel; it is a universal stitch type. In most of the cases this stitch type is used.
  • Finally, Lockstitch Type 309 is used for decorative purpose.

In sum, various types of sewing machines are used for forming the entire lockstitch type. So, buy your desired sewing machine to produce a specific stitch.

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