Shuttle Loom Parts || Functions Of Different Shuttle Loom Parts

Shuttle Loom Parts

The shuttle looms are used for the weaving process. When this loom has a different variety. Also, the shuttle loom is the most common loom set up in the industry among all of the looms types. Therefore, it is very important to know, how many parts contain in a shuttle loom. Basically, the loom helps to produce fabric from the weaver’s beam to cloth. A shuttle loom is the chiefly conventional loom type. Shuttle loom has a low production rate prior to the other modern looms.

Functions of Different Shuttle Loom Parts:

To demonstrate, a shuttle loom machine is a machine that performs to manufacture woven fabric. To illustrate, a loom contains different parts and every part has an individual function. Following that, I point out the different parts of shuttle looms with their individual functions. Following are the functions of different parts of a shuttle loom. They are-


In a shuttle loom, it is the reason for such naming by the same token. Additionally, the shuttle carries out the weft yarn through the divided warp for the interlacement between warp and weft yarn.

Shuttle Box:

A shuttle loom contains two shuttle boxes in the two endpoints of the slaying. It helps to retain the shuttle to the shed by picking motion.


It is the pushing material of the shuttle. Picker places in grooves or on a spindle in the shuttle box.

Warp Beam:

The Warp beam is the collection of the desired number of warp threads in the beam. From this beam, desired warp thread is permitted to go through the healds. It is a cylindrical body with end flanges on both ends.

Front Rest:

It is used as a guide for the cloth to wind onto the cloth beam. It is a fixed roller placed in front of the loom above the cloth roller.

Lease Rods:

Lease rods are used to divide warp thread into one and one, two and two or so on. The two rods passed through between two successive divisions of warp yarns.


Heald contains a cord or wire with an eyelet for holding warp yarns in a place. It helps in shed formation. Heald helps to identify broken ends. It determines the order of the warp threads. Warp thread density in a piece of fabric could be determined by its parts of the loom.

Harness/Heald Shaft:

A Heald shaft is a wood or metal frame that holds the heald or heddles in position in the loom during weaving. Heald shaft is usually more than one.


Slay is the loom portion that facilities the shuttle to run through the shed of the warp yarns. It contains a reed which is important for weaving. It also oscillates between the harness of the cloth.


Reed contains comb-like wire or device which is used for separating yarns on a loom and to beat up the filling during weaving. Each gap between two wear is called dent.

Temple: Roller device on a loom that holds the cloth at a proper width to prevent it from being drawn in too much by the filling.

Treadle: Treadle is a paddle or lever under the loom.
Cloth Roller:

Weaved unfinished cloth is wound to cloth roller. After finishing the weaving process, this cloth is released from the roller for facilities the next process.

So, that’s all about the different parts of a shuttle looms and their functions. I think this information will help to find out the different parts of a shuttle loom.

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