Thread Counting System And Their Application In Fabric Manufacturing

In fabric manufacturing process; thread selection is important to get proper GSM of a fabric. Generally, when consumption of a fabric is done then it is fixed that how many yarn will be use in a fabric production. After producing a fabric, thread per inch in warp and weft direction is measured to be confirming about the number of warp and weft yarn in a fabric.

Thread Counting System and Their Application: Various types of thread counting system are used for measure the number of threads in warp and weft direction of a fabric. Followings are the most used system of thread counting. They are-

  1. Counting glass/Pick glass: It is the most used method of thread counting. By this system, counting glass is placed on the fabric surface and thread is count manually by a pin. It can be used to count course per inch and Wales per inch of a knitted fabric. It is widely used method and very handy method.
  2. Traversing thread counter: Its measuring system is near similar to pick glass but it somewhat improved instrument where the counting pin is moved by means of a handle. It is used for measuring EPI, PPI, CPI and WPI of a fabric.
  3. Fabric dissection method: In this method fabric is cut for doing this measurement. It is a most authentic and reliable thread counting method. This counting method is used where the thread of the fabric is difficult to count by the others measuring system.
  4. Taper grating and line rating: This type of thread measuring system is used where-
  • The test results are required in a short time.
  • Where a large number of fabric samples are required to test in a very short time.
  • Where the exact test result is unimportant rather a good approximation is required.
  • Normally fashion designers use this type of instruments.

Thread counting system is an off line quality assurance system. We can measure the thread of the fabric by the above measuring system.

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    • What youre saying is, its a piece of glass that when you run it along the fabric when it gives you a certain pattern shape that is the count. If so i have seen it and would like to purchase it. do you know where ic ould obtain one


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