Handloom Products With Places Of Production | Handloom Products For Local And International Business

Handloom products are popular in local and international market. At present, In Bangladesh, handloom products are produced in some specific district but each products has its own characteristics. This products are marketed by the weavers or the buyer. Bangladesh handloom board (BHB) helps the handloom weavers in the marketing of their products in local and … Read more

Functions Of Different Parts Of A Warping Machine

Warping Machine The Warping machine is the simplest machine. Its have different components and they have their own functions which are required to know for better operation. Warping machine components are mainly divided into two types; they are Creel Head stock Functions Of Different Parts Of A Warping Machine Now I like to give a … Read more

What Is Warp Yarn | Properties Of Good Warp Yarn

Warp Yarn In woven fabric manufacturing technology two types of yarns are used they are warp and weft yarn. But in knit fabric manufacturing one set of yarns is used. The yarn which is placed in the longitudinal direction of a woven fabric is called warp yarn. Warp yarn is used to make a weaving … Read more

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