Direct Dyes: Classification, Application, Benefits, and Drawbacks

Direct Dyes Direct dyes form strong connections by forming direct associations with their substrates with no help from outside agents. Because direct dyes have so many polar, ionizable, or readily ionizable groups in their chemical structures, this property results from those groups. The development of the dye-substrate complex is made possible by these groups because … Read more

Top Dyes And Pigments Manufacturers In India || Indian Dyes

Dyes And Pigments Dyes and pigments are the main elements for wet processing. Wet processing is done by the different types of dues and chemicals. Different branded dyes and pigments are used for dyeing and printing. Different countries are producing dyes and chemicals. India is the leading dye and pigments manufacturer in the world. Indian … Read more

Direct Dyes || Properties Of Direct Dyes

Direct Dyes Direct dyes are sodium salts of sulphonic acid and most of them contain an azo group as the main chromophore. Additionally, direct dye dyeing is carried out in alkaline conditions. This dyeing process is done at at low temperatures. After absorbing dyes it tends to bleed the dyes, which produces an uneven shade. … Read more