Top Dyes And Pigments Manufacturers In India

Dyes And Pigments

Dyes and pigments are the main elements for wet processing. Wet processing is done by the different types of dues and chemicals. Different branded dyes and pigments are used for dyeing and printing. Different countries are producing dyes and chemicals. India is the leading dye and pigments manufacturer in the world. Indian dyes and pigments are comparatively cheaper than the other countries’ dyes and pigments.

Dyes And Pigments Manufacturers In India

Photo Source: Bodal Chemicals

Top Dyes and Pigments Manufacturers in India:

India is rapidly growing up in the textile and garment sectors; they also produce dyes, pigments, chemicals, and other materials that are essential for the textile and garment industries. The following are the top dyes and pigment manufacturing companies in India, depending on the asset. They are-

  • Atul
  • Asahi Songwon
  • Akshar Chem
  • Amal
  • Bodal Chemicals
  • Bhageria Dyeche
  • Chromatic India
  • Clariant
  • Dynemic Prooducts
  • Dynamic Ind
  • Daikaffil Chem
  • Indian Toners
  • Indokem
  • Jaysynth Dyestu
  • JD Orgochem
  • Kiri Industries
  • Kripton Ind
  • Polson
  • Poddar Pigments
  • Priya Limited
  • Sadhana Nitro
  • Sudarshan Chem
  • Sree Hari Chem
  • Ultramarine
  • Vidhi Dyestuffs
  • Vipul Dyechem

So, that’s all about the most famous dye and pigment company in India. In modern times, huge dye and pigment manufacturing companies are increasing rapidly. So, when one buys dyes and pigments, he or she should follow the properties of the dyes and pigments.

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  • Voxco Pigments

    Voxco Pigments and Chemicals Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of organic, inorganic, and anti-corrosive Pigments in India. Voxco is a one-stop solution for pigments. Voxco Pigments are one of the most reputed and fastest-growing manufacturing and marketing companies for performance pigments in India.

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