Top Sisal Producers Country Of The World || Hard Fiber Production

Sisal Sisal is a natural and very hard fiber in nature. The botanical name of sisal is Agava sisalana. It is produced in different parts of the world. Sisal fiber is generally used for making rope, twine, paper, cloth, wall coverings, and dartboards. The sisal producing countries are earning huge foreign currency by exporting sisal … Read more

Top Wool Importers Of The World || Wool Trade

Wool Wool is a natural protein fiber. It is collected from the skin of sheep. Different types of attractive blankets, jackets, sweaters, and other wear are made from wool fiber. Different class’s wool is produced in some countries. Australia and New Zealand are the largest wool-producing countries in the world. Top wool-producing countries are exports … Read more

Top Wool Exporting Countries Of The World || Wool Trade

Wool Export Wool is a natural fiber. This fiber is collected from the skin of sheep. It is also called animal fiber. Wool fiber differs in the characteristics of wool. There are different types of sheep. The wool-producing countries are trying to use wool fiber firstly then they are looking for exporting wool fiber to … Read more

Properties And Uses Of Basalt Fiber And Micro Fiber

Basalt Fiber Basalt fiber and microfiber are the most important fiber for technical textile manufacturing. In modern times, various types of high-performance textiles are made from this fiber. Properties of Basalt Fiber: Basalt fiber is a high-performance inorganic textile fiber. The following are the characteristics of basalt fiber. Basalt fiber has high tensile strength. It … Read more

What is Hi-Tech Fibers || Top Technical Fibers For Technical Textiles

What is Hi-Tech Fibers Hi-tech textile fibers are mostly re-generated with high physical and chemical properties. Basically, various natural and synthetic fibers are used to manufacture conventional textile products. On the other hand, different types of hi-tech textile fiber are used to produce technical textiles. However, technical fibers obtain from synthetic fiber through the modification … Read more

Physical And Chemical Properties Of Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Carbon fiber is an important textile fiber. Carbon fiber is the oldest type of manmade fiber. At first, Carbon fiber was invented in 1850. Carbon fiber was used as the filament of lamps in 1880. It was continued up to 1907. Carbon is insoluble all the time. In modern times, carbon fiber is … Read more