Features Of Herring Bone Design || Types Of Herring Bone Design

Herring bone design is one of the derivatives of twill weave.

Features Of Herring Bone Design: The characteristics of herring bone design are given below. They are-

  • This twill shows an appearance of Herring Bone.
  • It has the similarity with the zigzag twill up to half of the repeat, but while changing the direction the interlacement becomes quite opposite to that of the zigzag twill.
  • Straight draft is used for producing herring bone design.
  • Herring bone design is used for producing suiting, over coating and ornamented fabrics.

Types of Herring Bone Design: Herring bone designs are two types. They are as-

  1. Horizontal herring bone
  2. Vertical herring bone

So, from the above two design, compare this two weave structure.

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